Roleplaying Outfits: Robes as White as Snow

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I was flying around Winterspring the other day and there was something about the white snow, and the sparse colour that made it a rather pleasant and tranquil place to be. There is something about white in general that I’ve always liked – it gives off simplicity, elegance and a perhaps the lack of colour offers a pristine feel that a brightly coloured robe misses. Inspired by its simplicity, here is my collection of robes as white as snow.
The Mooncloth robe — almost completely white save for a few blue accents here and there. It’s an awesome robe and also happens to be the robe of Tyrande Whisperwind.

Cho’gall Meets His Doom!


Indeed,  Cho’gall has paid the steep price for once messing with my raid frames! A healer -never- forgets.
It made for an exhilarating kill and it was fun to see our first tier tokens. There shall be many more I’m sure, and now Nefarian has made our lovable list. =)

Special Post: New Pet for Japan Relief Efforts

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Blizzard recently released a brand new pet in their store available for purchase — the Cenarion Hatchling. From now until July 31st, all proceeds from sale of this awesome new pet will be donated to aid with the relief effort in Japan via the American Red Cross. Adopt a hatchling and send a little help Japan’s way!

A special note: A huge thank you to Blizzard for taking the time to make this lovable pet and lending a hand to victims of the disaster.