Beyond the Guild Application


The focus of guild searches for the most part has been about writing the guild application. There’s some fantastic advice out there on how to fill in an application for the guild of your dreams, and how to make sure you avoid the faux-pas that can ruin your chances of an invite. The application is a very important part of the process and a lot of times it feels like once you’ve put in a successful application, you’re home free. While it is a big part of the process, it certainly isn’t the end of it.

The emphasis is usually on dealing with how the applicant is judged by the guild leadership on being a good fit, but it’s also important to remember that this is a two-way street. As much as it’s important that the applicant be a good fit, it’s also important for the applicant to make the effort to ensure that the guild/raid group is a good fit.

And that’s what today’s post is about: Things to evaluate after the guild application is done.

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