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Thank you for taking the time to vote. Here’s a snippet of the results:



Since there’s a decent amount of interest in healing videos as a supplement to the Healing Perspectives posts, I’ll be working on them in the coming weeks and see how I best I can make them! For a test run, I did one of Tortos from last week’s raid with a voiceover so feel free to check it out.

I wish I had Jennifer Hale’s voice or some awesome SWTOR voice actor speaking for these videos lol. Thanks again for leaving your feedback! 🙂

Feedback for Healing Perspectives Format


I’m playing around with the idea of adding a visual component to my blog posts and I’d love to hear your feedback.

In particular, I’m thinking of the “healing perspectives” series of posts. I’m considering adding a video at the end of each post to give folks a look at how the boss fight looks from a healer’s point of view, and it hopefully will illustrate any points I made in the healing strat. I don’t see it being a narrative guide or anything – just a visual supplement to the strat.

So, dear readers: Would a video at the end of a healing perspectives post be helpful/cool to see? 

I really appreciate your input, so thank you for taking the time to vote! 🙂

Update: Here’s an example of what the videos would look like. Perhaps with a subtitle or two if explanations were needed. 

Update: Here’s an example of a video with a voiceover explanation.

A Little Update


It’s about time the most recent post on my blog not be about doom, gloom and rants. And it’s because I’ve been grinning like a kid in a candy store over the weekend! 🙂

In my last post I mentioned that I’d applied to a hordeside guild and raid team. The update since then is that I did all the homework I could so it wouldn’t turn out like my experience three months ago. I listened in on a raid in mumble, asked a zillion questions and provided logs to make sure I was the healer they wanted. I liked what I heard – it had me laughing the entire time, and that’s always a good sign. Long story short, they picked me and a hop, skip, jump later there I was healing again.

I was a little nervous ofcourse – the first time stepping into a real raid in the last three months and it turns that the first boss I’ll be dealing with is a heroic one! I crammed the best I could over the weekend to catch up in strats and such, hoped to high heavens that I wouldn’t blow up the raid too often. Needless to say it’s been a very fun weekend of raiding for me. The team is fantastic and I’m still grinning even when we wipe.

And last night, I got something in the mail that I simply couldn’t stop grinning about!

purdy boots

Finding a team that cares about you and invests in a player seems to be a rarity nowadays. And I was overwhelmed when I was given these awesome boots to replace my raid finder ones. The last time something like this happened was during my happy raiding days in Cataclysm on my druid.

I think I’ve found the right team with cool people, who seem to have the right balance between progression and fun. 🙂

Stay tuned as I catch up on my healing perspective posts!