Healing Gear for Priests: Patch 5.4

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Greetings! Patch 5.4 is almost upon us, so it was time for me to make my handy-dandy list of shinies that I’d like. Note that for this patch, there will be no valour gear from vendors. We will, however continue to have a chance at slightly better “warforged” gear throughout (the 5.4 equivalent of “thunderforged”). Flex raiding is making an entrance this patch, and with it a fourth item level.

So far, here’s how they look: LFR – 528, Flex – 540, Normal – 553, Heroic – 566. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll be linking to the normal versions of items.

This list includes gear from: Siege of Orgrimmar (raid), World bosses and professions.

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Sha-Touched Threads


Ideas for this one came to me while thinking about the RP aspect of a medic. Life isn’t sunshine and sprockets – sometimes there are hard decisions to be made, and sometimes we are the bearers of bad news. And with being a priest, there’s always darkness where there’s light.

Finally, there’s a theme that’s been the driving force of this entire expansion: dealing with our inner demons of despair, doubt, fear and such. We’re battling the Sha ingame, but we’re also very often dealing with our own RL versions of them.

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Ah Benediction. It’s the staff that screams “priest” and is an icon from the days of long long ago. Ever since the introduction of transmogrification, I’ve been eagerly waiting for a chance to bring out Bene from the bank. Sadly, for the longest time I’ve been stuck with the mainhand – offhand combination for PvE reasons. Last week, all my Mogu Runes of magic finally paid off and Ji-Kun finally dropped his staff for me! And so it’s time bring out Benediction.

Here are my picks of outfits to sport Benediction with!

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The Troubled Path of Gearing


Gear is an essential part of playing – whether you’re raiding or PvPing or simply doing the solo quest for awesome green fire. Gear is never the end reward necessarily, but it is a necessary part of killing a boss or opponent. No, this post is not about loot drama or anything – but more about the bigger picture as gearing stands right now.

Two things in particular have followed, one after another to bring this issue up: 1) the strange gear distribution in tier 14 and 2) the recent decision stating that there will be no more 5-mans for the rest of Mists.

Until now, I admit I was mostly unconcerned with the decision not to add any more 5-mans. I sympathised with those that solely play for 5-man content and enjoy it – but I didn’t feel like I had a vested interest in arguing against the decision. That is until I took a good look at my character to get ready for raiding once again. The issues became painfully obvious once I saw the gear I got and the things I was unable to get – namely my problem slot of an offhand.

In my mind, the strange gear distribution in tier 14 and the recent no-new-5-mans decision are connected – and the decision will now go a long away in exacerbating already existing issues.

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Alanna’s Embrace


The last couple posts of mine make it seem like healing strats are all I have going for me. An update and is in order and I’ll post it soon, when I’m ready. Until then, there’s been enough going on lately for me that I just want to revisit a part of Warcraft that takes the stress away and puts the fun back in it a little bit for me. And nothing does it for me like outfits. 🙂


My latest outfit is a lovely change to pink. Alanna’s Embrace is one of those beautiful robes that I farmed for shortly before Mists hit. There was talk of Scholomance being revamped and loot tables changing and my buddy convinced me to suck it up and spend a day in the instance until these robes were mine. I’m glad he got on my case because sadly, these robes are no longer available in game.

My favourite part about this set is how elegant it looks without showing a whole lot of skin. It’s a nice change – and I love having flowers as my offhand! 🙂

Where to get the set:

Chest: Alanna’s Embrace (no longer available)

Shoulders: Replica Magister’s Mantle (75 Darkmoon Tokens, Auction House)

Hands: Soulcloth Gloves (Tailoring BoE)

Belt: Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (Honour Points)

Feet: Ringo’s Blizzard Boots ( Blackwing Lair, random drop)

Weapon: War-Mace of Unrequited Love (Heroic Nexus, Keristrasza)

Off-hand: Lei of the Life-giver (50 Honour, Alterac Valley Vendor)

Gear for Healing Priests: Patch 5.2

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This is a list of gear for healing priests in patch 5.2. The list includes items from reputations and valour points, the new Throne of Thunder raid, new world bosses and professions. For the raid drops, I’ve kept normal mode gear as the default with additional links to their LFR and heroic versions. I’ve also included items without spirit with a special note indicating so.

The introduction of Thunderforged items adds an interesting layer to the gearing options. I have not included regular raid items’ thunderforged versions in this list for the sake of my own sanity, but I have included drops from Ra-den, the heroic-only boss in Throne.  Note that all of this comes from the PTR and can change at any time. I’ll try to keep up with the changes as and when they happen, and will update this list accordingly.

Enjoy! 🙂

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I Call Upon the Sha….

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In an effort to catch up on some gear, I ran some LFR. I got ridiculously lucky and won a lovely healy weapon: Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm.

Turns out, this Sha-touched weapon has the added effect of turning my Mindbender into a manifestation of the Sha. It is beyond awesome! My own little minion of evil – it’s what I always wanted.

Mists of Pandaria Pre-raid Gear for Healing Priests


Here’s a list of pre-raid gear for the healing priest in Mists of Pandaria. It includes reputation rewards, heroic dungeon drops, items obtainable from professions, and world drops. It does not include LFR gear. I’ve prioritised spirit gear for us healing priests since mana is usually tight early on. However, I’ve included non-spirit pieces in the list with a little note indicating they lack spirit.

I compiled the list primarily from the dungeon journal and the beta items databases. Keep in mind that since it hasn’t released yet, there are some discrepancies between the two. I’ll try to keep up with any changes  and update this list accordingly.

Also, this is my 100th post – so wordpress tells me atleast. Yay! 🙂

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Patch 4.3: Druid Tier 13

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So here I was all excited about transmogrification and this morning, I woke up to see the awesomeness that will be Tier 13. First things first – we have a ROBE. Thank Elune! Looking at this tier, I have to say that I’m truly excited for it. There’s an incredible amount of detail and thought that’s gone into its design, and I applaud the artists for their fantastic work. There’s some great interplay going on between the electric blue and the more natural green, rounded with the really unique, vine-like shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice that we’d be back in WWE land as far as the belt goes but hey, I think it all comes together so well that I don’t really mind this. Perhaps my transmogrification will have to wait a tiny bit afterall!