Roleplaying Outfits: Robes as White as Snow

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I was flying around Winterspring the other day and there was something about the white snow, and the sparse colour that made it a rather pleasant and tranquil place to be. There is something about white in general that I’ve always liked – it gives off simplicity, elegance and a perhaps the lack of colour offers a pristine feel that a brightly coloured robe misses. Inspired by its simplicity, here is my collection of robes as white as snow.
The Mooncloth robe — almost completely white save for a few blue accents here and there. It’s an awesome robe and also happens to be the robe of Tyrande Whisperwind.

Leafy Outfits for Roleplaying Druids

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The last few weeks have seen some welcome down time before Cataclysm’s release. Loremaster? Check. Feralhaeart Raiment? Check (note to self: never doing that questline ever again!). Well, what now? Time to sport some lovely druid outfits and roleplay ofcourse  =) Just a quick fyi, I’ve decided to post about Sets, Kilts and other great outfits separately, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something simple yet unmistakably druidic and night elven in feel, I’m sure you’ll find something here. Well, let’s walk the path of nature in style then shall we?

Easily one of the most green and leafy outfits I’ve put together. I did my best to give you a bit of contrast there but you have to admit, I’m real close to being mistaken for a tree!
ChestYmirjar Physician’s Robe, a BoE robe that drops in northrend heroic dungeons and it frequents the auction house at reasonable prices. Its refreshing green colour and its earthy look had me sold.
ShouldersCenarion Spaulders drop from Baron Geddon in Molten Core and are part of the Tier 1 set for druids. They’re very versatile and have druidic awesomeness written all over.
Helm: Cenarion Helm which drops from Garr in Molten Core. Alternatively, you could get its look-alike, Crown of the Forest Lord,  from the Swamp Lord in heroic Underbog.
Wrists: Drakewing Bands, another BoE from the auction house.
Staff:The famous Draenic Wildstaff which has wonderful animations of sprouting flowers and mushrooms. It drops from the Avatar of the Martyed in heroic Auchenai Crypts.

I have to admit, I rarely wear yellow – but this robe is the one exception. It’s a little off-beat for us elves since we’re usually seen in much darker, nocturnal colours, but the touch of green leaves and the various shades of ochre make for a lovely change of pace while still keeping the close-to-nature, earthy feel.

Chest: Willow’s Robe – a BoE that drops from various rare spawns in the level 15- 20 areas.
I chose to skip out on the shoulders for this outfit, but if you’d like to add some, Cenarion Spaulders would add nicely.
Staff: Staff of Trickery, an earthy wooden staff that drops from Cyanigosa in heroic Violet Hold. It has a lovely paw print and a faint green glow. (Promise to do it better justice in the screenshot – keep an eye for the post on staves).

Interestingly enough, this outfit gave me the most trouble. It has some great nocturnal colours and the pink and dark blue combination always looks great, but I did worry a little bit about the cleavage. After hours of fruitless searching for an appropriate shirt, I think it’s better off just the way it is. What is the robe you say?

Chest: Sleeping Robes, obtained from the Druid of the Claw questline. I kept these for the name and the history of the quest. Don’t worry if you don’t have these or happened to vendor them way back when you were level 10. Consortium Robes and Solstice Robes both look exactly the same and are easily obtainable via the almighty auction house.
Staff: Swarming Sting-Staff of the Beast – I got this as a random drop while doing some of the elite quests in Blade’s Edge. The colours match the robe really well, and the claw adds a feral feel to the outfit.

And last but not least, we have the druid starter robe. Indeed, do not discount this outfit for its simplicity – its a great alternative if you want a green earthy feel but didn’t want the brightness of the Ymirjar Physician’s Robe. This outfit can easily be spruced up with the Cenarion Helm and/or Cenarion Spaulders.

Chest: Novice’s Robe has lovely greens and browns – perfect for a walk in the forest or if you’re just taking a trip down memory lane.
Staff: Handcrafted Staff – a simple design that’s perfect if you’re looking to leave your fancy gear and other material belongings behind, and begin your journey into the spiritual.

This is it for this post, but be sure to check back later for more on Kilts, Dungeon Sets and Tier pieces. Thanks for browsing these outfits and I hope they’ve inspired some of your own. =)