Patch 4.2: Resto Changes Analysis

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Another day, another patch. (Yeah, my coffee machine refused to cooperate today and made me a dismal cup. Hence, my continued zombie-state). While Ragnaros gets ready to torch the world, I will plot my long awaited revenge on Fandral and…. ahem, take a peek at whats in store for us resto druids!

Al’Akir Meets His Doom!

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I can hardly keep still! We managed to squeeze in one final epic fight before this tier comes to an end, and Al’Akir fell to our awesomeness. It was rather breathtaking since we managed to down him on our last raid day before 4.2, on our final attempt. It’s a fantastic fight and our team really came together to pull it off in style. This is a very happy tree here. Bring it on 4.2! I am going out to have some icecream now XD

Humour At It’s Best!


Lately, while exploring new and different areas, the Warchief’s Command Board sent me to Hillsbrad Foothills to meet with Darthalia. Long story short, I ended up on a skeletal horse and was dispensing quests just like your average quest giver. Needless to say, I met some truly interesting people. This is warcraft humour at its best. Here we go!

Healing Perspectives: Chimaeron

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It’s been a while since I wrote these up, I know….but I’m slowly catching up on them I promise! Chimaeron here is very much a healer’s dance and it makes for an immensely fun fight. The key to handing him his doom is to keep a close watch on the different phases of the fight, topped off with some classy resto dps at the end. That’s right, I said resto dps. It exists! Time to see what this slumbering dragon has up his sleeve….