Volcanic Stone Drake


Last night we finally finished up Glory of the Cataclysm Hero and received this awesome Volcanic stone drake as a reward! The achievements themselves were really fun to do, but  Headed South was one that required the most precision and co-ordination – especially since we 4-manned it! 🙂 I love the colours on this mount and am really stoked to finally have a stone drake before this expansion comes to a close.


White Polar Bear


Yesterday while in Northrend, I decided to head up to Brunnhildar Village to do the daily quests there handed out by the big blue women. Usually the Hyldnir Spoils don’t contain anything but money and snowballs and I thought this time would be no different. I opened my bag and out popped Reins of the White Polar Bear! A very pleased gnome here! 🙂

In Pursuit of Stone Drakes


Every expansion comes with its own special flavour of mounts that harkens back to the expansion’s theme. Burning Crusade had the glorious Netherwing Drakes, Wrath of the Lich King had various kinds of proto-drakes in addition to the usual ones, and Cataclysm brings us Stone Drakes.

While I was contemplating how I’d like to wrap up this expansion, getting one or more of these drakes crossed my mind as being the perfect souvenir.  They look fantastic for one and are deeply reminiscent of Deepholm – an area that is vitally tied to Deathwing. It’s a great way to wrap up the expansion and expand my mount collection all at once! So how does one get a hold of these beauties?

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Al’Akir Meets His Doom!

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I can hardly keep still! We managed to squeeze in one final epic fight before this tier comes to an end, and Al’Akir fell to our awesomeness. It was rather breathtaking since we managed to down him on our last raid day before 4.2, on our final attempt. It’s a fantastic fight and our team really came together to pull it off in style. This is a very happy tree here. Bring it on 4.2! I am going out to have some icecream now XD