Healing Perspectives: Omnotron Defence System

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Otherwise known as the Omnomnom Defence System, this fight consists of not one boss but four. This is a fun fight that is bound to keep you moving on your toes and cycling between the strats for each of their different abilities. In this post I will share a healer’s perspective on the strat and things to be aware of during the encounter. Our foes here are Magmatron, Toxitron, Arcanotron and Electron. If they didn’t want to chomp on me, I’d say they’re rather cute…can I get a plushie of these guys please?

The mighty foes from the Tron family – Arcanatron, Toxitron, Electron and Magmatron all have a shared health pool. The encounter begins with one of these golems until their energy bar hits 50%. At this point, a second, randomly chosen golem will be  activated and the first will put a shield. It is imperative that all damage switch to the most recently activated construct since the shield does heavy damage to anyone damaging it. When the second golem’s energy bar hits 50% the first golem becomes completely inactive and a third random golem is activated and so the cycle continues. Again, it is important that the damage dealers switch targets. For majority of the fight, you will have two golems active at any given time.

Abilities and Strat:

Magmatron: The fiery one and also the most heal intensive fight. He has two major abilities: An AoE that does raid damage (Incineration Security Measure) and a single target heavy damage ability (Acquiring Target).

  • Heal through the AoE ability – I usually pop Tree of Life and barkskin during this phase – particularly if the raid is getting low. It is possible to outrange it if you run far enough but in doing that you might also be putting yourself out of range to heal others. I usually stay at max range and heal through. 
  • Heal the acquired target – Every so often, Magmatron will acquire a target with a huge red laser beam and the target will take a significant amount of damage. Get ready to hit them with some heavy heals and pre-HoT them liberally.
  • Get out of the beams – That red laser beam I mentioned turns into a beam of death when Magmatron chomps on his target. Anyone caught in it takes heavy damage so be sure to stay out of it. 

Toxitron: The poison loving one. This is a movement filled fight where you’ll either be running away from something, or getting out of something.

  • Run away from the slimes – Toxitron’s Poison Protocol summons three slimes who target three random  raid members. If the slimes reach their target, they explode and pretty much one shot their target (around 100k damage). Kinda like the fiery adds in Grim Batol’s Drahga Shadowburner, these slimes need to slowed and burned down. As a healer, run away and make sure they don’t reach you before the dps kill them. Run away! They can move fairly quickly if not slowed, so keep the kitty dash trick around as a last resort.
  • Avoid the poison cloud – Toxitron also casts Chemical Bomb at a random raid member, which spawns a green poison cloud around them. Stay away from the cloud – it increases damage taken by 50% for anyone standing in it. 

Electron: I just call him the Lightning guy because his abilities all revolve around…well, Lightning.

  • Move away from the raid – Electron does an ability called Lightning Conductor – this causes a random raid member to become the conductor and hits anyone within range of that member for about 20k damage per second. If you happen to be a conductor, move away from the raid!
  • Heal through Chain Lightning – The ability is really called Electrical Discharge but it acts very much like Chain Lightning. To reduce the damage, make sure you’re spread out but apart from that – heal through.

Arcanatron:  Of the Arcane as his name suggests. If done right, this fight offers some good mana regen time for healers.

  • Stand in blue puddles – Yep, the one time standing puddles is a good thing. Arcanatron spawns these blue puddles of mana regenning goodness through his ability, Power Generator.
  • Heal in the event of Arcane AnnihilatorArcanatron has a single target ability, Arcane Annihilator, which really hurts (hits for around 50k damage). This should be interrupted as much as possible but in the event that they missed one, get ready to bring the targeted raid member up quickly.

That’s it as far as the individual strats go. The tricky part about this fight is maintaining longevity and paying attention to which of these constructs is active at a given time. Here are a couple additional tips to keep in mind for this encounter:

  • Do not park yourself near an inactive golem. It sounds really obvious but amidst the slime dodging and blue puddle hunting, you can inadvertently find yourself near an inactive golem. The bad side is that they chomp you the moment they get active. Ofcourse, that never happened to me…*cough* 
  • Save throughput cooldowns for Magmatron. This isn’t to say the other fights aren’t heal intensive, but I found Magmatron to be particularly so. I usually pop Tree of Life and other healing cooldowns in this phase and use other phases such as when Arcanatron  is active, more for regen. 
  • Space out your cooldowns. This is a long and intense fight and keeping up with the random cycle of abilities can get taxing on your mana pool. Co-ordinate cooldowns with your healers and space them out – be it mana tide with your shaman or innervate swapping with a fellow druid.

Good luck and have fun raiding!

    My New Talent Build: Goodbye Efflorescence

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    It’s been a week now since patch 4.0.6 came out, and while a lot of the changes were in the right direction (hello Wild Growth buff), there are still a few loose ends about the resto druid’s talent tree that need to be addressed. Living Seed and Efflorescence in particular, deliver precious little in terms of healing for the whopping 6 points of talent investment. My healing usually reflects them being dismally low, hovering around 3% or so. I’ve been increasingly frustrated with these for various reasons and since the patch hit, I decided to experiment around a bit and pull the plug on these talents. With a little tweaking in playstyle and a few helpful Power Auras, I must say it’s beginning to grow on me. Grab a cookie and join me for details on this new build!

    Why I did away with Living Seed and Efflorescence:

    • Raid Healing: To begin, I’m usually the floater healer who focuses on the raid and drops a couple heals on the tanks when necessary. I’m in charge of the raid and almost never solely tank heal unless one of our healers is down. In this scenario, Living Seed already looks less attractive than it would if I were a tank healer.
    • Low Healing: Incredibly low healing for an incredibly high talent point requirement. Last weekend, Living Seed made up close to  2% of my heals while Efflorescence did a little over 3%. This was on Magmaw – a fight which encourages the ranged to stack to begin with.
    • 10 man vs 25man: It should be noted that I exclusively run in a 10man raid. I can see a higher utility for Efflorescence in particular in 25 mans where the stacking of members is more likely to happen than in 10 man. However, in 10 man raids there are few fights that require stacking and in the event they do (such as Red vial phase in Maloriak), there are usually more than 6 members there anyways which kicks in the diminished healing effect for Efflorescence.
    • Ground Clutter: I mentioned this earlier in Magmaw’s stat and I’ll say it again – ground effects are cool but they sometimes obscure other things I should be watching out for – like those flame pillars.

    The New Build: 

    As primarily a raid healer, my healing strategy for the future is to focus on the Nature’s Bounty mechanic. This is, however, a double edged sword if you will. It gives you a powerful way to up the raid but being careless means we pay a high cost in terms of mana. The idea is to get ultra fast Nourishes from having Rejuvenation active on three or more targets. With the talent at 3/3, my Nourishes are as fast as 1.5 seconds which is awesome. Swift Rejuvenation has a new importance for me since I want to get those Rejuvenations up quickly in times of high incoming damage before I can start Nourish. It’s also useful in the “oh crap” moment where you have to quick Rejuv+Swiftmend to keep someone from death.

    This approach somewhat reminds of the holy priest’s Chakra: Sanctuary – it has great throughput potential but is also mana heavy, so tread carefully. The mana intensive aspect makes Moonglow a mandatory talent to take. I did away with Nature’s Swiftness in favour of Furor because I found myself rarely using it if at all, and to be honest Healing Touch doesn’t heal for all that much anymore. With 6 talent points free from Living Seed and Efflorescence, I chose to distribute them in Blessing of the Grove and Perseverance. Perseverance is interesting since its not really a healing talent but I figured the less damage I take, the less I have to heal myself. Or better still, I might not die. Given the high amount of magic damage going around in fights, it seems a promising talent for now.

    Blessing of the Grove is rather a dilemma for me, I admit. I’m not entirely sure whether to leave those points there for the extra healing, or whether even a talent like Nature’s Ward would be worth taking. In raids there a lot of times when I fall to the 50% health mark and a free Rejuvenation has two advantages: a) its free and thats good given the mana cost of rejuvenation. b) That’s one less Rejuvenation I have to cast to get my Nature’s Bounty in motion. This one is still up in the air – a 4% healing buff to Rejuvenation….or free Rejuvenations for me….hmmmm. Now if only I could take Genesis instead of Blessing of the Grove… but I guess I need a certain number of talents to get down the resto tree to begin with. Ah the dilemmas of talents.

    Thanks for reading as always!

    Patch 4.0.6: Resto Changes Analysis

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    The first major patch of the expansion is upon us and it brings with it much needed hotfixes, tweaks and balance to healing. I for one am excited about this – they appear to have hit all the right spots with the resto changes. We seem to be moving more towards the HoT flavoured healing style. Interested? Let’s take a look at these changes and see what the road ahead is like!

     (I’ll be talking about the changes relevant to healing here. For the complete list of changes I recommend WoW Insider or MMO Champion).

    Omen of Clarity can no longer trigger from helpful spells (aka heals), unless the Restoration talent Malfurion’s Gift is chosen. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, as I’m inclined to think that Omen of Clarity procs most of the time from lifebloom to begin with – hence the huge proc rate in Tree of Life form. Rather than hinting at staff-whacking routines for the proc, this one simply ties together Lifebloom with our mana management proc.

    Rejuvenation is now trained at level 3, down from level 8. In addition, its mana cost is now 20% of base mana. The mana cost is slightly above what we’re currently at but still below the 26% at release. Might pinch the first few days, but overall seems to be a good spot for mana cost.

    Empowered Touch now also affects Regrowth. In addition, after Tree of Life is no longer active, this talent will only refresh the most recently cast or refreshed Lifebloom, and will not refresh other copies of Lifebloom. Initially, I found this one to be undesirable but since raiding I’ve changed my mind. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a bit clunky to keep all stacks of Lifebloom up on a tank when you’re primarily healing the raid. And while my use of Regrowth will mostly be limited to Omen procs and Tree of Life, it is much faster than Nourish or Healing Touch and I foresee it being quite useful in keeping up Lifebloom stacks – an aspect highlighted by the Tier 11 4-piece bonus. As for the Tree of Life exploit, glad to see the fix.

    Natural Shapeshifter has been reduced to a 3/6-second increase to Tree of Life’s duration, down from 5/10. A small reduction that I’m not terribly worried about. It makes sense to balance buffs with reductions such as these. Buffs…I did say buffs….read on!

    Nature’s Bounty no longer affects Swiftmend, but now has a new effect. When the druid has Rejuvenation on 3 or more targets, the cast time of Nourish is reduced by 10/20/30%. I find this one really interesting. Reduction of Nourish’s cast time is always welcome, but the fun part here is that this one now gives us an incentive to keep Rejuvenation up on multiple targets. There will always be some balancing to be done between keeping it up and its corresponding mana cost but for now a faster Nourish on Rejuvenated targets is great.

    Symbiosis (Mastery) benefit from mastery increased by approximately 16%. Symbiosis always struck me as being more beneficial to tank healing than raid healing simply because of the prohibitive mana cost of HoTting the raid up. This buff I like, and as a healer be more aware of taking advantage of it as much as possible – including using Nature’s Bounty above.

    Tree of Life duration has been reduced to 25 seconds, down from 30. A small reduction, but nothing earth shattering here.

    Wild Growth healing has been increased by 30%, and the cooldown has been reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10. Raid heal love wrapped in a box with a pretty bow. Thank you!

    Glyph of Regrowth now causes the heal-over-time effect to refresh itself on targets at or below 50% health, up from 25%. The increase in health makes this one an interesting glyph. While the HoT at the tail end of Regrowth is weak, it still adds up and provides a free mastery bonus for the incoming heal. Its definitely more competitive as a glyph than its earlier version. 

    In summary, these changes seem headed for the distinctive HoT based healing style us trees are known for. We’re being encouraged to be a little more liberal with our use of Rejuvenation and Wild Growth. Regrowth still remains a situational spell to me due to its high mana cost, but with the added bonuses of refreshing lifebloom and the revamped glyph, its made a little more rewarding than it used to be earlier.All in all, I’m looking forward to this patch!

    Healing Perspectives: Magmaw (10)

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    Recently, I have stepped into the world of cataclysm raiding. Healing in a place where trash has attitude and boss fights are of epic proportions makes it very rewarding indeed. Rather than being a test of my reflexes at the whack-a-mole game, most of my experiences caused me to come up with a loose healing strategy outside of  the general boss strategy. With that in mind, I’ve written out these posts purely from a perspective of what a healer needs to know and be aware of during a fight. Hopefully, this will serve as a good prep for the fight as well a concise checklist of reminders before taking on the boss. For the entirety of a bosses’ abilities and strats (right from tank taunts to interrupts) I highly recommend sources such as tankspot and WoWpedia. Let us begin with the giant worm from Blackwing Descent — Magmaw!