A Woof in My Life


The last few months have been difficult for me. Moving to a new place, family visits, tendinitis that pooped on my piano and gaming … it seemed as though I would never just get time or space to be myself anymore.

It was suffocating as my blogged kinda choked, and the house was mostly silent without music. Honestly, I could feel myself slipping and no amount of positive attitude or optimism was working. Until this little guy came along to light up my life. My new puppy, Nobu (meaning trust in Japanese) is here to keep me on my toes.

My life now revolves around his poop schedule but the love and sweetness he brings makes it all worth it. Much of my blog, as you can tell, will be dominated by puppy cuteness for a little while. I only have time to sneak in gaming when he’s napping – or piano in bursts of a few minutes at a time. This is good because my hands need to heal! It’s amazing though that Nobu manages to make me do just that in an entirely positive way.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I’ll have a gaming post coming up soon too!










The rise of the gnomes has begun! It is the time of the gnomes!! Ahem… *takes a deep breath*


I had begun to give up hope since Gamescom and Blizzcon went ahead without any major gnome news….but this…. I… I cannot stop smiling!! 😀

Switching it up for a bit…

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I’m switching up my games this summer and will be spending my time in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. I’m still dealing with my hand healing from tendinitis but I can play FF with one hand ( very slowly but still, yay!). So far I’m having a blast with the story and the slower gameplay seems to be a boon for me. It’s a nice change of pace and scenery all around – and I’m kind of excited about the upcoming expansion too!

I’ll be blogging about my journey at lenalilei.wordpress.com. Feel free to stop by if you’d like to keep up with my lalafell’s adventures! 🙂

A New Platform … and a New Name …


Things are changing here! I’ve decided to finally switch blogging platforms and move over to wordpress. Couple reasons for this – I’m not a huge fan of blogger’s updated look for one, and since my other blogs are already over at wordpress, it would be nice to have them all at one place, under one author. I’m also going with a new name for the blog since I realised I’ve been writing less druid-specific stuff lately. There’s also the possibility that I might be changing mains in the upcoming expansion and while the thought didn’t seem quite real two years ago when I started The Dreamy Druid, its becoming more and more a possibility now.

The new name is Heals n Heels over at wordpress  – please update your blogroll and continue to read my musings over there. It’s just a new platform and a new name….but it’s the same blog with the same blogger =)

~ Mely

Patch 4.3 is here!

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As always, trailers are one of my favourite parts of patch day and so I was really looking forward to it this morning. I hate to be Debbie Downer but that trailer kind of made me go…..huh? I’m a little disappointed and I’m not sure whether its the trailer or whether I don’t feel involved enough to be scared of Deathwing. The music is fantastic though – and gotta love that font they use. Maybe its just me?

By the Power of Fashion: Patch 4.3

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I’m going to try and stay still as I write this but I am so excited….oh SO excited. Blizzard recently announced that come Patch 4.3, we will have the ability to customise the look of our gear through this magical process known transmogrification! (Hello, Calvin (and Hobbes)…didn’t think your invention would be famous didja? XD ) In the words of the blue:

“Visiting a Transmogrifier will present players with a new interface that will allow them to change the appearance of an item while retaining its original stats. This means that you can raid in your paladin tier 12 Immolation set, but look like you’re wearing Lightbringer, while priests can bring Benediction back — at least in spirit. Hunters can once again roam the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale in their tier 2 Dragonstalker set. You could even slip into the saucy tailored Black Mageweave set for that matter. You know, with the thigh highs, and the little gloves, and the cute little… ahem.”

Furthermore, to indulge our gear collecting hobby, additional storage options are on the horizon. What does this mean for me? No more fashion-deprived tier anymore! Yay! Yes I’m looking at you tier 12, despite the fact that you may be obsolete by the time this comes out. This just made my day! ❤