Roleplaying Outfits: Robes as White as Snow

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I was flying around Winterspring the other day and there was something about the white snow, and the sparse colour that made it a rather pleasant and tranquil place to be. There is something about white in general that I’ve always liked – it gives off simplicity, elegance and a perhaps the lack of colour offers a pristine feel that a brightly coloured robe misses. Inspired by its simplicity, here is my collection of robes as white as snow.
The Mooncloth robe — almost completely white save for a few blue accents here and there. It’s an awesome robe and also happens to be the robe of Tyrande Whisperwind.
White Woolen Dress — A simple yet pretty robe that, I think, works for a variety of occasions. I personally love the little bow.
White Wedding Dress — This is a very pretty robe and I really wish I could wear it more. It has a low back and some fantastic lace details. Many of the level 30-ish quests now offer cloth headpieces as rewards that very much look like veils. Add that with a nice bouquet and you’re all set!
Scholarly Robes — I really like these for the intricate pink pattern it has going around it. Note that these look exactly like Silver Thread Robes which can be easily bought from any of the robe vendors in the capital cities.
Aurora Robes —  These robes are highly sought after and your best bet at getting these would be to watch the auction house like a hawk. Apart from the wedding dress, these are the other only robes with literally zero colour and the intricate self design only adds to its elegant look.
Shimmering Silk Robe — A lovely robe to wear for just about any occasion. Even though this robe is white, it has alot of movement with the various colour accents that makes it quite fun. It can be easily bought at any of the robe vendors in the capital cities.
Thanks for reading! =)

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