Patch 4.3 is here!

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As always, trailers are one of my favourite parts of patch day and so I was really looking forward to it this morning. I hate to be Debbie Downer but that trailer kind of made me go…..huh? I’m a little disappointed and I’m not sure whether its the trailer or whether I don’t feel involved enough to be scared of Deathwing. The music is fantastic though – and gotta love that font they use. Maybe its just me?

The Joy of PvPing as a Discipline Priest


In my previous post I mentioned the end of Firelands for me had me twiddling my thumbs as what to do next. Let’s be honest here – I’m just really glad Firelands is over. I haven’t really got any significant pieces of gear whatsoever – and the only real upgrade I got this tier cost me all the gold in my bank. Staff of Smoldering Purity…. why that elusive little… the universe has deemed that it will drop for all the world but me. *deep breath*

Well, what better way to let out disappointment than to mercilessly and ruthlessly bring down the opposing faction! I know I know….this is largely a druid blog and I usually keep things focused but really…being an ebil discipline priest can be just…so…fun…!

 I am the terror that flaps in the night….
I am the unkillable healer who gets out of your line of sight….

Five Reasons to Roll a Goblin

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So Firelands has finally come to a close for me and I found myself somewhat twiddling my thumbs as to what to do next. Finding things that were fun were really a bit of a challenge for me this tier given my disappointment in the raid, but I did eventually discover two things that brought back the life and giggles I missed: the first is pvping as  Disc priest (which warrants a post of its own and will be out soon!); and the second is the pure hilarity and fun of goblins.

The goblin story, their personalities and hell, everything about them really is quirky and giggle-worthy. And it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to join their party. It’s all about the money baby! Cha-ching!! Their starting area is hands down the best one I’ve seen thus far and their quirky little humour is a refreshing change to our current world of death and sadness. If you haven’t rolled a goblin by the end of this post, your money back! Guaranteed! *Low voice and super fine print ensue* Return is subject to terms and conditions. This offer is not available in all regions of Azeroth. *giggle*

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