Jaina’s War


Every great war has a history that reveals how it truly came to blows. A spark, a match, years of suffering….and Jaina’s Proudmoore’s war is no different.

In this incredibly powerful animated short, the artists have outdone themselves in showing the true Jaina Proudmoore and everything that has culminated to her final warning “Beware of….me.”

One cannot understand Jaina’s state of mind until we go back to the turning point that broke her world apart – the fall of Theramore.

It’s easy to forget that Theramore’s bombing outraged not just the Alliance but the horde as well. The Alliance ofcourse lost numerous civilians (and good gnomes like Kinndy Sparkshine) and their port was shattered. But the horde found themselves doing acts they had not signed up for.

Thus when it finally led to the Siege of Orgrimmar the Alliance went in with an avenging wrath while the horde sieged it to fight for their honour. It was in a sense very similar to vanilla horde’s orcish redemption – trying to forge their path anew after having been party to something horrific.



There’s a point where even the most dedicated of diplomats realises that diplomacy has its limits. Jaina is there. And moreso, I’m with her.

The guilt of her father’s fall (all in the name of diplomacy for the sake of peace), Arthas’ betrayal, the fall of Theramore and the loss of Rhonin – there are only so many second chances to give. Only so many times one can go “well maybe it’ll work out this time”.

The beauty of what’s coming in Battle for Azeroth is that it has the hallmarks of a good story. The drums of war have ties going back all the way to vanilla. The journey to conflict is rife with complexities, sacrifices and blood.


Jaina is in no forgiving mood. And frankly? Neither is this gnome. Let the wave of war come, for I am ready. No more words, no more gestures, no more restraint.

The horde want war? Then they shall have it with the full wrath of Gnomeregan!


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