Healing Perspectives: Beth’tilac

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It is time to kill spiders! Our foe here is none other than Beth’tilac, the Red Widow. And when they said red, boy did they mean red. This is a fun, two phase fight which involves a bit of add management, climbing through her fiery web and a lot of spider squishing. This post, as usual, will focus on this fight for healers rather than a complete rundown of the mechanics. Let’s see what tricks this spider has up her sleeve!

Raiding: The Team and You


Today’s post is about raiding, teamwork and the player. I’ve had a couple conversations in the last month or so and this topic has really been brewing in my mind for quite some time. All too often raiding discussions focus on strategies, mechanics and the likes, and the core of what really makes a raid team click is left unsaid. Today I really want to talk about that unsaid bit because the attitude and philosophy driving a raid can really make or break the team.

If you’ve never raided but are considering it, this conversation has some interesting things for you; if you’re a long time player who remembers the days of the giant 40-man raids, it might provide a refreshing reminder of going back to raiding roots. Hehe, “roots”. Druids. Ahem, grab some coffee and join me!

My Fiery Plans for this Tier

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So, a couple things happened in the past week or so and I found myself making a list of the stuff I’d love to do this tier…and well, perhaps some other stuff I’m not so thrilled about. *Cough* tier 12 *cough*. Ahem, anyways, here is my plan for the fiery summer of Firelands!The New Offspec:Last tier I tried something quite different and took on a feral tanking offspec. It was a great learning experience and I intended on keeping it until the fiery action of this tier came along. Now, I’m not going to be getting anything fiery as a healing druid as far as I know, so I really want my offspec to get in on the action. 

That’s my adorable little buddy there, and he and I will be braving the baddies of Firelands together! I will return to my roots, hehe, and pick up the boomkin spec again. The real selling point for me was the tier bonus which calls forth a burning treant to help burn down the baddies. Now thats just awesome…how could I pass it up? =P

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