Druid Healing in Cataclysm: A New Way of Thinking

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It’s been almost two weeks now and I can scarcely remember the old times where my heals were dominated with blanketing everyone with Rejuvenation. As I wiped in new dungeons numerous times, scratched my head over certain fights and slowly began to understand my heals better, I felt as though druidic heals underwent a metamorphosis and grew into something more interesting, intricate and most of all, fun! It took trial and error, some very understanding people and a lot of deep breaths to find my own groove in this new style but, at the end of the day, it’s immensely rewarding.

Today I’ll be sharing my lessons learned in how Cataclysm content requires a shedding of our old habits and a fresh perspective. A largely unsaid aspect of healing is the thought, assumption and attitude driving it. Old assumptions don’t work here and a new world with new mechanics and challenging content has ushered in a different way of thought for healing.

Here we go!

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Moments of Vash’jir

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Sometimes amidst the healing, the dungeons and the constant weighing of gear…its nice to take a step back and just explore new lands I’ve never seen before. After an intense heroic run this morning, I decided to go seal lion and explore the vast depths of Vash’jir. What I saw was amazing.

Gentle pillars of luminescence on the sea floor brings these dark blue depths to life.

Intricate coral are often found in varying colours all over this area.

The ruins of a once wondrous city of the Night Elves that was lost to the sea during the Sundering.

A view of the steep underwater cliffs – where the darkness is broken by bright crimson coral.

Cataclysm Reputation Rewards for Resto Druids


I’ve been poking around gear rewards from the various factions recently as a good way to get a little more geared up before I hit up those heroics that by all accounts, are no walk in the park. Reputation rewards are a good way to avoid the grind with stressful, drama-filled PuGs and they provide some great gear before you jump into more challenging content. Here’s my shopping list on gear from reputation rewards:

Guardians of Hyjal:
Easily get to revered by simply completing all the quests in Mount Hyjal. Provisioner Whitecloud can be found in the Nordrassil Inn, Mount Hyjal.

Cloak of the Dryads (Honoured) – Back
Aessina-Blessed Gloves (Revered) – Hands
Arcanum of Hyjal (Revered)

Wildhammer Clan (Alliance only):
Completing most of the quests in Twilight Highlands gets you to friendly and opens up five dailies.
Quartermaster Craw Macgraw can be found in Thundermar, Twilight Highlands.

Mantle of Wild Feathers (Honoured) – Shoulders
Belt of the Untamed (Exalted) – Waist
Lightning Flash Pendant (Exalted) – Neck

Dragonmaw Clan (Horde only):
Grot Deathblow, the quartermaster can be found in Twilight Highlands. Unfortunately I haven’t yet played the horde side in Cataclysm to know more but I assume there would be dailies just as the Alliance equivalent.

Spaulders of the Endless Plains (Honoured) – Shoulders
Withered Dream Belt (Exalted) -Waist
Yellow Smoke Pendant (Exalted) – Neck

Earthen Ring:
Completing quests in Twilight Highlands, Vash’jir and Deepholm grants substantial reputation.  Provisioner Arok is in Silver Tide Hollow (Shimmering Expanse).

Pendant of Elemental Balance (Honoured) – Neck
Cloak of  Ancient Wisdom (Revered) – Back
Leggings of Clutching Roots (Revered) – Legs

There is one daily available for this faction. Blacksmith Abasi can be found in Ramkahen, Uldum.

Ammunae’s Blessing (Honoured) – Ring
There really isn’t much more in gear rewards but I know I will be getting exalted with them for the camel mounts =)

Completing the quest chain in Deepholm opens up this faction and the daily quests. D’lom the Collector resides in Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm.

Diamant’s Ring of Temperance (Revered) – Ring
Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (Exalted)

Baradin’s Wardens:
A faction in Tol Barad. Even though it is a pvp zone, they have great rep rewards for PvE players. They offer numerous dailies which are somewhat difficult to complete considering you can’t fly in that zone. It might be worth your while just to grab the tabard for this one or bring along a buddy for the dailies. Note that you cannot obtain the tabard until honoured.

Shimmering Morningstar (Revered) – One-handed mace
Insidious Staff (Revered) – Staff (lacks Spirit but is not a bad option)
Mandala of Stirring Patterns (Exalted) – Trinket

20 Cataclysm Daily Quests Speed Run Guide


This is a guest post by Val, bringer of fury and wielder of mighty weapons! He’s mastered the art of daily questing here which we’ll all be doing soon for reputation, shiny rewards and some gold. He shares his way to complete these dailies quickly and efficiently. So, here we go! =)

This guide will give you a step by step path to complete all the Cataclysm dailies in as little time as possible using Deepholm as the starting point. You’ll want to do this to gain reputation for the new factions. Not all new factions have daily quests so for those that don’t, you’ll want to buy and equip a tabard and queue for the new dungeons.

Set your hearth to the Temple of Earth at the World Pillar in Deepholm or buy a Potion of Deepholm for this great speed run. Travel from Temple of Earth -> Therazane -> Temple of Earth -> Stormwind -> Uldum -> Tol Barad -> Twilight Highlands -> Stormwind -> Bonus Archaeology around Azeroth.

Therazane Rep in Deepholm (Six Quests or Seven if Revered)

First, go to Therazane’s throne using the portal on the north end of Temple of Earth and grab the five dailies there. Then head east to the Goreworm hole. Quickly go inside to pick up the quest from the goblin there. Head into the cave and grab the ores, only killing the Goreworm if you need to get by them. The goal here is to get all the ore and get out of the cave. You’ll find two types of spikey type ores and two types of block type ores to explode, as well as some crystals lying around. Once you have those done head back to the entrance and turn in the quest to the Goblin. If you have any Goreworms left, complete those outside in the surrounding area and to the south as it’s a lot easier. (Note, this Goblin quest also rotates with two other quests that you would pick up rom the Therazane throne. They all are in the Crumbling Depths, though.)

Next, you’ll want to head to the southeast and up to the fungal growth area. Here you’ll want to destroy the little shrooms. Sometimes they explode and knock you pretty far so be careful not to fall off (Druids need not worry because of their flight form can prevent their fall!). The mushrooms sometimes give a buff to run faster, so do those first. Bounce between mushrooms and occasionally kill the Fungal Lurkers. You’ll need five of those. Make your way northeast towards the pool to pick up some miracle grow. Once you’re done, head back to Therazane’s thrown to turn in the remaining five dailies. If you’re revered you can do a sixth quest called The Restless Brood to the west. From there, take the portal back to the Temple of Earth and then catch the port to Stormwind. View the Therazane rep rewards.

Cooking and Fishing Quests in Stormwind (Two Quests)

When in Stormwind, you’ll want to do both the cooking and fishing dailies available near the entrance to the Stockades. These send you around the city and are generally pretty quick to do. Learn more about Cataclysm profession rewards.

The Ramkahen Dailies in Uldum (Two Quests)

After you’re done with those two head to the north end of the city to the Earthen Ring portal area and take the port to Uldum. There’s one daily  to the east that you can do for another +150 reputation with Ramkahen. It’s the only daily, and is kinda fun, so be sure to pick this up. As of 12/21/2010 Fire in the Sky in northeast Uldum also rewards +250 reputation with Ramkahen. View the Ramkahen rep rewards.

Daily for the Venomhide Ravasaur Mount (One Bonus Quest, Horde Only)

If you’re horde and doing the epic raptor mount quest you’re now be close by to Un’goro and Tanaris so you’ll want to quick do your daily for the little raptor.

Baradin’s Wardens on the Island of Tol Barad (Six Quests on Peninsula, Five Quests on South Island )

The next set of dailies to do are in Tol’barad. If there isn’t a battle going on you can pick those up. Bring a buddy if you can as the area is pretty dangerous. If you’re an herbalist there are lost of Azshara’s Veil in the rivers and also the cove (beware the elite shark there!). It helps to bring a potion of Water Walking if you have a quest to go to the cove. Once you finish those quests on the prison island complex head back to your base camp to take the port back to Stormwind. View the Baradin rep rewards.

Wildhammer Reputation in Twilight Highlands (Five Quests)

You’re ready to do the final set of dailies, which are Wildhammer one’s available from Thundermar after you complete the dwarf quests leading up to the wedding. There’s another five quests you can do there and there are some really nice rewards. Once you’re done with those, you can use your hearthstone to head back to the Temple of Earth. View the Wildhammer rep rewards.

Bonus! One More Portal for Archaeology Dig-sites

Now that you’re back next to the ports in Stormwind you might want to check out your map for archaeology dig-sites and cool down with some relaxing sightseeing. Sometimes you can port pretty close from the Twilight Highlands or Hygal to get sites close by, but keep in mind if you just finished Wildhammer dailies you’ll be in northern Eastern Kingdoms already.. There are some really great epic rewards for this profession so be sure to give this profession consideration for your daily quest runs. Read a guide for the Archaeology profession.

So there you have it! That’s the fastest way to do the set of dailies available in Cataclysm. I hope you found this helpful.


Moments of Deepholm


Here’s a glimpse of the wonderful world I’ve immersed myself in the last few days. It’s simply beautiful and as I followed the storyline, I couldn’t help but be in awe of its sheer beauty.

Breathtaking views like this made me stop mid-flight and appreciate the landscape.

Entering the Maelstrom. The scene was scary and awe-inspiring at the same time.

This former lair of Deathwing has a strange mixture of dark elegance in its art.

Swirling pillars with luminescent crystals are just one of the unique structures found here.

More mesmerizing crystals, this time in brighter crimson hues.

Abode of Therazane the Stonemother.

The Countdown to Cataclysm

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So here I am staring at my fridge…that’s right, the expansion is mere hours away and I’m not healing, running dungeons or grabbing as many dailies as I can…I am slowly and carefully evaluating my fridge. Much like my bank, it’s filled with stuff that’s good but not exactly useful for the intense gaming situation that will soon be upon me. For some reason, I have Ragnaros’ voice in my head booming “Too soon Executus! Too soon!” And heck, Rags is right – the expansion will land here soon enough, and I better get prepared for it. Here are a few things on my list…

Let’s start with the food because let’s face it, even if you’re not one to do the 80-85 lap in one breath, you’re still going to be on a marathon of gaming. Short term sugar highs and crashes, super cheesy stuff and salty foods tend to be great for short-term but don’t work so great in the long run. My list of awesome game food looks something like this:


  • For snacks, my favourite is always hummus and pita chips! Very filling, zero prep time and easy to snack on. 
  • Close second are carrot sticks and fresh celery. Yes, these are somewhat unorthodox game foods, but they will serve you well in providing some good long lasting energy without a bad hangover. 
  • Cookies and milk! Too much salty stuff is a no-no so balance it out with a sweet alternative. I personally can’t stand to drink plain milk, so I’ll be stocking up on the seasonal special Soy Milk Eggnog =P


  • Frozen pizza that’s light on the cheese and heavy on the sauce. Perfect because it cooks while you’re taking that flight path or visiting your trainer. Easy, mess-free meal. 
  • Veggie Burgers – super easy to make and they pack a punch without making you feel unduly heavy and sleepy – the more veggies, the better!
  • Speaking of veggies, nothing like a quick and easy stir fry to cook up – it doesn’t take long and its great for energy.


  • Soda, soda, soda. I’m stocking up on my favourite kind of soda with a couple of extra choices, so I’m not sick of drinking rootbeer for 15 hours or more!
  • Coffee is your friend but drink it wisely and in moderation or else you’ll be writhing in acidity pains instead of completing that awesome quest. Coffee sometimes has the opposite effect on me and makes me sleepy >.< So I better be careful with it! 
  • Milk, Soy milk or anything similar is nice to balance out the other drinks with. Helps when you want a more cool and calming drink.
  • I’m not really one for juice so much, but I will admittedly be keeping a bit of Orange/Apple Juice handy just for a change if I want it, if nothing else.

Wrapping up loose-ends in-game: 

  • Cleaning out bags and the bank go a long way, and there’s always the advantage of starting out with a clean slate. Today, I hit a record of having 72 free bag slots…probably the only time I’ll ever be seeing something like that!
  • Clearing out the quest log helps too so you don’t have to see the aggravating message of “your quest log is full”.
  • Hyjal or Vash’jir? As a druid I’ll be spending my early levelling in Mount Hyjal – a place I’ve longed to see since my days of questing in Winterspring. 

Well, that’s my list! I’m looking forward to hitting the road again and to paraphrase a quote from Cars, I’ll be there to have a great time rather than to make great time. Enjoy the new world and  as you journey to 85, and be sure to catch some of the wonderful sights along the way! =)