Chapter Three


The Mage

“Yes, sometimes difficult decisions need to be made in the heat of battle. Often you don’t have the luxury of second guessing yourself – every second counts! This is precisely why the training for trauma medics is so grueling. You have to be able to think calmly and critically on your feet and be able to use every gadget to the fullest to save a life. If there are no more questions, we’ll end here for today. Next week we’ll cover field medical techniques so bring your equipment bags everyone!” The class bustled to life as everyone filed out of the room. Lillen sorted her papers and got ready to head back to Kharanos to check on Meeps.

It had been a few weeks now since she settled into a regular routine. Her last trip with Meeps had been to see Malthian Darkspanner, the warlock. Meeps had mentioned something about seeing another engineering friend of his but it looked like it would have to wait. Malthian and Meeps were working non-stop in his workshop on some new-fangled invention no doubt to infiltrate the Horde. There were often strange noises with whirs and booms coming out of the den.

Lillen in the meantime began to lecture for the Dalaran Trauma Medics. Doc Cogspin encouraged her keep active even if she wasn’t on the battlefield. She found it a welcome change from being on the front lines and even though she had long since gotten past her earlier difficulties, she didn’t quite feel ready to go back out there. Besides, there was something relaxing about having a calm and predictable routine.

Meeps’s workshop was suspiciously quiet when Lil got there. “That’s odd”, she thought. “He’s usually working around this time”. She gave a tentative knock on the door and much to her surprise, it was open. Uh oh. Now Lil began to get worried – Meeps was very particular and secretive about his inventions. He would never be careless and leave his doors unlocked. Unfortunately she didn’t have Benediction with her so she held her bag full of papers up ready to strike the intruder, and cautiously entered.

“GAAAAAAHHH!” Two gnomes jumped in fright. In her surprise Lil tripped on a nearby chair and plopped right down, bag open with papers everywhere. “Frosting…? That you?” The other gnome, just as clumsy, had managed to trip over her own robe and somehow found her cape over her head. She struggling to break free.

“Well yes ofcourse it’s me you silly sprocket! Gah – help get this thing offa me!”

Lil giggled. It had been ages since she saw Frosting Icesprocket, childhood friend and now Kirin Tor Mage. “Where’s Meeps?” asked Frosting at once, catching her breath.

“Always about Meeps is it?” teased Lil. Frosting was in love with the eccentric little gnome for as long as she could remember. Although Meeps being the dense genius he was, continued to be quite oblivious to her advances.

Frosting went bright pink but scratched her chin thoughtfully. “Well it isn’t like him to leave his workshop open is it…?”

Yes, this was slightly worrying. But both gnomes being mostly the carefree optimists decided to ponder the matter over tea and muffins. Lucky for them Malthian’s Tastea Zapper 2000 was still there in the workshop. So they revved it up and settled in.

“It certainly looks more untidy than usual”, said Frosting sipping her tea and looking around. “And what’s this…it almost looks like…by my gears, an ORC suit??!”

“Oh yes don’t worry about that,” said Lil calmly. She related their journey to Malthian Darkspanner, complete with imps and fireballs, and told Frosting how Malthian and Meeps were working on a new invention to infiltrate the Horde.

Frosting looked a little taken aback when she learned that Malthian was a warlock. “Why didn’t Meeps ask me??? I’d have been happy to help!” she asked, indignantly.

“Oh I’m sure you would’ve!” said Lil with a twinkle in her eyes. “But Meeps really needs an engineer – not a teleportation specialist.”

“Fine,” sighed Frosting taking another muffin. “And what about you? Still being the academic?”

“I like being an academic!” said Lil indignantly.

“Uh huh, and I like warlocks,” replied Frosting calmly. “When are you going to get back out there?”

“I quite like the peace and quiet of my routine, actually.”

“No you don’t.” That was typical Frosting, blunt to a fault. She always spoke her mind and never let anyone get away with anything less than the truth. Worst part was she was almost always right about getting to the heart of the matter. “You signed up to be a medic because you enjoy the pressure of battle, the thrill and the heat of the moment.”

Lil knew she was right. “I’ll get back out there – but not quite yet.”

Frosting shrugged but said nothing.

The calm was shattered by an enormous roar of thunder outside. It didn’t sound like a storm…it sounded much worse. Both gnomes jumped and from the sounds outside, so did all of Dun Morogh.

But almost instantly, Frosting was staring at a gadget in her hand, her face pale and serious.

“Lil I have to go” she said shortly.

“Excuse me?” asked Lil quite flustered. “Wait no…what was that thunder, Frosting…. That didn’t sound like ordinary lightning to me!”

“I’ve been called back – it’s a code red, the highest level of emergency. They must need my teleportation for…by my sprockets…I must leave!”

The two gnomes hurried outside to see chaos unfolding.  “Whatever that was, it wasn’t lightning alright.”

But Lil wasn’t listening. She was staring up at the sky and pointing. Frosting looked up and what she saw made her throat go dry. The sky was green. Fel green.

Frosting put her hand on Lil’s shoulder. “So, are you ready to get back to the field yet?”

Lil gave Frosting a hug before she teleported away. Both gnomes said nothing but everything was written on their faces. They had known each other for years… and Lil knew what she needed to do. Frosting wanted her to find Meeps.