Mists of Pandaria Pre-raid Gear for Healing Priests


Here’s a list of pre-raid gear for the healing priest in Mists of Pandaria. It includes reputation rewards, heroic dungeon drops, items obtainable from professions, and world drops. It does not include LFR gear. I’ve prioritised spirit gear for us healing priests since mana is usually tight early on. However, I’ve included non-spirit pieces in the list with a little note indicating they lack spirit.

I compiled the list primarily from the dungeon journal and the beta items databases. Keep in mind that since it hasn’t released yet, there are some discrepancies between the two. I’ll try to keep up with any changes  and update this list accordingly.

Also, this is my 100th post – so wordpress tells me atleast. Yay! 🙂


Update: As of  1st of October, 2012 a hotfix was applied to remove the reputation requirement (honoured) for ilvl450  Justice Point gear. In addition, certain items have had their reputation requirement decreased from revered to honoured. I’ve updated the list to reflect these changes.

Golden Lotus

Wrist – (458) Bracers of Eternal Resolve – Honoured

Neck – (458) Pendant of Endless Inquisition – Honoured

Ring – (489) – Leven’s Circle of HopeRevered Honoured

Shoulders – (489) Tenderheart Shoulders – Revered

Chest – (489) Robe of the Five Sisters – Revered


Ring – (458) Sorcerer-King’s Seal – Honoured

Head – (489)Yalia’s Cowl – Revered

Back – (489) Sagewhisper’s Wrap – Revered Honoured

Trinket – (489)Scroll of Revered Ancestors – Revered

August Celestials

Back – (458)Pressed Flower Cloak – Honoured

Legs – (458) Subversive Leggings – Honoured

Feet – (489) Storm-Sing Sandals – Revered

Hands – (489) Gloves of Red Feathers – Revered

The Kalxxi

Hands – (458)Emperor’s Riding Gloves – Honoured

Neck – (489)Links of the Lucid – Revered Honoured

Waist – (489) Klaxxi Lash of the Seeker – Revered

Legs – (489) Poisoncrafter’s Kilt – Revered

Dagger – (463) Amber Spine of Klaxxi’vess – Exalted



Legs – (463)Leggings of Hallowed Fire – High Inquisitor Whitemane

Staff – (463)Greatstaff of Righteousness (no spirit) – High Inquisitor Whitemane

Head – (463)Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau (no spirit) – High Inquisitor Whitemane

Shoulders – (463)Forgotten Bloodmage Mantle (no spirit) – Thalnos the Soulrender

Main hand Mace – (463)Carapace Breaker – Raigonn

Wrist -(463) Frenzyswarm Bracers – Raigonn

Trinket – (463)Vision of the Predator – Striker Ga’dok

Head – (463)Fallout-Filtering Hood –  Saboteur Kip’tilak

Ring – (463)Viscous Ring – Commander Ri’mok

Hands – (463)Bomber’s Precision Gloves (no spirit) – Striker Ga’dok

Legs – (463)Leggings of the Frenzy (no spirit) – Commander Ri’mok

Neck – (463)Mindcapture Pendant – Xin the Weaponmaster

Shoulders – (463)Regal Silk Shoulderpads – Xin the Weaponmaster

Feet – (463)Soulbinder Treads (no spirit) – Xin the Weaponmaster

Back -(463) Cloak of Cleansing Flame (no spirit)– Gekkan

Dagger -(463) Firescribe Dagger (no spirit) – Xin the Weaponmaster

Ring – (463)Beastbinder Ring – Houndmaster Braun (note: this item doesn’t show up in the dungeon journal but exists in other databases)

Dagger -(463) Melted Hypnotic Blade (no spirit) – Flameweaver Koegler

Ring -(463) Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman (no spirit) – Flameweaver Koegler

Neck -(463) Temperature-Sensing Necklace (no spirit) – Flameweaver Koegler

Neck -(463) Necklace of Disorientation – Sha of Violence

Hands -(463) Gloves of Enraged Slaughter (no spirit) – Sha of Violence

Chest -(463) Robes of Fevered Dreams (no spirit) – Taran Zhu

Ring -(463) Ring of Malice (no spirit) – Taran Zhu

Wrist -(463) Bombardment Bracers – Commander Vo’jak

Hands -(463) Breezebinder Handwraps – General Pa’valak

Staff -(463) Gustwalker Staff – Wingleader Ner’onok

Trinket -(463) Vial of Ichorous Blood – General Pa’valak

Head -(463) Breezeswept Hood (no spirit) –  Wingleader Ner’onok

Shoulders -(463) Whisperwind Spaulders (no spirit) –  Wingleader Ner’onok

Trinket -(463) Empty Fruit Barrel – Ook-Ook

Ring -(463) Alemental Seal (no spirit) – Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

Waist -(463) Fermenting Belt – Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

Cloak -(463) Cloak of Hidden Flasks (with a cool on-use) – Hoptallus

Main hand Mace – (476) Je’lyu, Spirit of the Serpent – Sha of Doubt

Feet -(463) Flameheart Sandals – Liu Flameheart

Hands – (463)Paralyzing Gloves – Sha of Doubt

Neck -(463) Mindbreaker Pendant (no spirit) – Sha of Doubt

Back -(463) Cape of Entanglement (no spirit)– Liu Flameheart

Staff -(463) Staff of Trembling Will (no spirit) – Sha of Doubt

Trinket -(463) Price of Progress – Darkmaster Gandling

Legs -(463) Leggings of Unleashed Anguish – Lilian Voss




Hands -(476) Gloves of Creation (pattern from Golden Lotus at Honoured)

Chest – (476) Robes of Creation (pattern from Golden Lotus at Honoured)


Trinket – (476) Relic of Chi Ji – Darkmoon Cards

Off-hand -(476) Inscribed Red Fan (Binds to battle.net) – Scribe-only

Staff -(476) Inscribed Crane Staff (Binds to battle.net) – Scribe-only


Trinket – (450) Zen Alchemist’s Stone – Alchemist-only


Trinket – (450) Ghost Iron Dragonling – Engineer-only

The cogwheels can now be crafted by engineers and each type offers 600 in any secondary stat.

Head – (476) Lightweight Retinal Armor – Engineer-only


Neck – (450) Tiger Opal Pendant

World Drops

Back -(476) Dril’s Drafty Drape

Off-hand – (476) Scroll of Whispered Secrets


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