Doom, Gloom and Random Rants


This post is going to be all over the place, friendly warning. Things are meh in the Saya World for now and have been for the last week or two. My mind has been filled with thoughts on Flex Raiding, the guild hunt and all other manner of things and for some reason, I simply can’t get them all out in a cohesive, structured way. So finally, I’m saying eff it. I have a nice cup of coffee this morning – and here’s my unstructured update.

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The Raiding Commitment in MoP


It’s been two months since I set foot in a real raid, and one of the big questions I’ve been grappling with is to raid or not to raid. On the one hand, I’ve loved raiding ever since I was introduced to it – and it gives my healer purpose to her role (PvP breaks my wrists as a healer so I had to write that one off a long time ago, even though I enjoy it so much). The other side of the coin though is the whether the commitment of raiding in the current expansion makes it fun and worth my time.

It’s incredibly interesting that this dilemma has come up for me at a time when the community is ripe with debates on raiding in general this tier. There are discussions of teams getting burned out, skill differences, encounter difficulty in Throne and a general trend of a dwindling raiding population for normal modes and beyond. These general issues are great but for me it comes down to whether or not these affect my decision to raid this tier, as an ordinary raider.

And ofcourse the ultimate question is whether the raiding commitment in 5.2 and MoP is worth it?

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