The New Heels

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If you thought my love of heals and heels was limited to warcraft, then ha! I went on an inspired shopping trip the other day… and can I just say, they are so pretty! So here’s a little bit of rl heels for the time being while I work on real and “serious” gaming posts.

What. Pretty no? 😀

Roleplaying Outfits: Robes as White as Snow

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I was flying around Winterspring the other day and there was something about the white snow, and the sparse colour that made it a rather pleasant and tranquil place to be. There is something about white in general that I’ve always liked – it gives off simplicity, elegance and a perhaps the lack of colour offers a pristine feel that a brightly coloured robe misses. Inspired by its simplicity, here is my collection of robes as white as snow.
The Mooncloth robe — almost completely white save for a few blue accents here and there. It’s an awesome robe and also happens to be the robe of Tyrande Whisperwind.