An Update and The Old Republic

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If I haven’t had much to say about WoW in the last couple days its because: 1) I’ve been busy baking a ridiculous amount of Peppermint Bark cookies and 2) I’ve been spending most of my time in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is big deal for me since WoW has been my first MMO and I haven’t really been drawn to any others until now. I’ve been somewhat swept off my feet by Bioware and I’m having a blast playing a Jedi Consular. Its so fun for me, that I decided to share my thoughts on it on its own blog.  Enjoy!

Are Epic Gems Too Epic?


Ah shinies. Patch 4.3 is here and so are epic gems. Well, atleast they’re in the game technically. I can’t really say I’ve got my hands on any of these mythical gems of epicosity. I’ve seen them floating about the auction house for sky high prices and I’ve opened geodes hopefully and I have to yet to hold one, cut one much less socket one. I held off talking about this for a little while in the hope that my initial reaction was just that — a simple reaction of shock and dismay that would quickly be proven unneeded and melt away. Unfortunately, Season 11 has begun and not much has changed.

Currently epic gems can be obtained by the following ways. The first is raiding normal or heroic Dragon Soul – each boss drops a token which can be turned in for a geode. Consequently, each geode has a small chance of giving you an epic gem. The other source is conquest points but these have their own limitations. Conquest points can only buy you pre-cut hybrid resilience gems.

The consequences of this extremely RNG dependant limited supply go far beyond a simple “no shinies for you”. It excludes the crafters, turns raiding into a semi-gathering profession and thus puts Jewelcrafting as a profession in a unqiuely bad spot. While I support the idea that epic gems should be truly epic, the idea’s implementation in 4.3 seems short-sighted and badly done. It leaves me wondering whether these epic gems have crossed the line of epic into the realm of irrelevance.

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Healing Perspectives: Morchok

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Today I finally ventured into Dragon Soul….just to say hi. I couldn’t help but notice how different the experience was from my first foray into Firelands. I enjoyed these fights a whole lot more! There wasn’t an insane amount of trash to be had, the first boss took a few attempts but was relatively painless, as was the following one. The mechanics were interesting and didn’t give me the impression they were designed by a complete sadist. So far, so good.

Speaking of downing bosses, let’s talk about Morchok….Father of Ozruk! Well, not really….or maybe? They do look alike! Here’s how to take him from the perspective of a healer. For clarity, this post is about dealing with Morchok on 10 man normal mode.