Special Post: New Pet for Japan Relief Efforts

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Blizzard recently released a brand new pet in their store available for purchase — the Cenarion Hatchling. From now until July 31st, all proceeds from sale of this awesome new pet will be donated to aid with the relief effort in Japan via the American Red Cross. Adopt a hatchling and send a little help Japan’s way!

A special note: A huge thank you to Blizzard for taking the time to make this lovable pet and lending a hand to victims of the disaster.


Special Post: Tsunami in Japan


This is a non-WoW post I’ve chosen to make in the wake of the tragedy that hit Japan recently. The devastation took place on a huge scale and the destruction is quite horrific. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Japan.

I’d like you to take a moment and consider donating any amount of money you can spare to the relief efforts currently underway. Any amount of money, even something that would’ve otherwise been spent on a Warcraft pet, can provide food and other necessities to survivors. If you do choose to donate, please be sure to donate to reputable charity organisations such as the  Red Cross.

In closing, below is a video of a dog trying to protect its injured friend amidst the rubble. The commentary is in Japanese but in summary, they are describing the situation and trying to see if the second dog made it through the catastrophe.

Thank you for reading as always! ありがとうございます。