In Pursuit of Stone Drakes


Every expansion comes with its own special flavour of mounts that harkens back to the expansion’s theme. Burning Crusade had the glorious Netherwing Drakes, Wrath of the Lich King had various kinds of proto-drakes in addition to the usual ones, and Cataclysm brings us Stone Drakes.

While I was contemplating how I’d like to wrap up this expansion, getting one or more of these drakes crossed my mind as being the perfect souvenir.  They look fantastic for one and are deeply reminiscent of Deepholm – an area that is vitally tied to Deathwing. It’s a great way to wrap up the expansion and expand my mount collection all at once! So how does one get a hold of these beauties?

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A New Platform … and a New Name …


Things are changing here! I’ve decided to finally switch blogging platforms and move over to wordpress. Couple reasons for this – I’m not a huge fan of blogger’s updated look for one, and since my other blogs are already over at wordpress, it would be nice to have them all at one place, under one author. I’m also going with a new name for the blog since I realised I’ve been writing less druid-specific stuff lately. There’s also the possibility that I might be changing mains in the upcoming expansion and while the thought didn’t seem quite real two years ago when I started The Dreamy Druid, its becoming more and more a possibility now.

The new name is Heals n Heels over at wordpress  – please update your blogroll and continue to read my musings over there. It’s just a new platform and a new name….but it’s the same blog with the same blogger =)

~ Mely