A Touch of Magic

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I have to tear myself away from questing to write this. Legion’s story has brought with it a touch of magic that is all too familiar to us story lovers. It is engaging, fun, and has that I-can’t-put-this-game-down feeling that I’ve sorely missed in WoW in the last two years. And so I return to my beloved game with a big grin…and perhaps some magic of my own, quite literally.

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Being Horde


It’s a been around three months since I started raiding hordeside and that’s around enough time for me to consider bringing up my army of alts there. (I am still a gnome at heart ofcourse, and I always poke my raid team about going back to the alliance but hey, that’s not what this post is about.)

I’ve rolled numerous horde alts in the past – often inspired by the Warcraft cinematics I watched. In fact my very first horde toon, an undead warlock, was inspired by the badass murloc-burning guy you see up there. I’m the sort of the player who likes to relate a little bit to my characters – even if they’re only being rolled for something like profession purposes. And so I was quite surprised that when I tried to roll my alts this time around, I found myself somehow unable to play a majority of the horde races. What had changed?

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Memories of Theramore


I recently read the article by Anne Stickney over at WoW Insider on the history of Theramore, and it got me thinking about my own memories of Theramore from leveling in the pre-Cataclysm world.

Be warned that this post may make some references to upcoming story in Mists of Pandaria – so turn away now if you’d like to avoid spoilers!

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Five Reasons to Roll a Goblin

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So Firelands has finally come to a close for me and I found myself somewhat twiddling my thumbs as to what to do next. Finding things that were fun were really a bit of a challenge for me this tier given my disappointment in the raid, but I did eventually discover two things that brought back the life and giggles I missed: the first is pvping as  Disc priest (which warrants a post of its own and will be out soon!); and the second is the pure hilarity and fun of goblins.

The goblin story, their personalities and hell, everything about them really is quirky and giggle-worthy. And it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to join their party. It’s all about the money baby! Cha-ching!! Their starting area is hands down the best one I’ve seen thus far and their quirky little humour is a refreshing change to our current world of death and sadness. If you haven’t rolled a goblin by the end of this post, your money back! Guaranteed! *Low voice and super fine print ensue* Return is subject to terms and conditions. This offer is not available in all regions of Azeroth. *giggle*

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Caravan Conversations

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Azeroth is filled with some fantastic humour in the most unexpected places. The last time I stumbled across it was in the Hillsbrad Foothills questline. This time around, we’ll be meeting the unlikely yet hilarious pair of Gidwin Goldbraid and Tarenar Sunstrike – two enthusiastic paladins in the Eastern Plaguelands who are on their way to join the Argent Crusade. Travelling in a caravan with Fiona, these two pals could have their own show….

Here we go….