Transmog Fashion for the Gnome Priest


Going gnome has been an interesting experience for me thus far – beyond getting used to the height and how adorable she looks while casting Penance, gnomish fashion has been on my mind. Due to their short stature and squished look, certain sets look fantastic on a gnome while others look less than flattering. Here is a collection of outfits my priest, Lillynne, has in her wardrobe!

Vestments of Transcendance Recolour (Tier 2) 

This one is an all-time favourite of mine on gnomes. It’s fun, it’s cute…and it’s PINK. The best part is I can recolour my gnome’s hair to match the outfit! All of the items drop in Burning Crusade dungeons.

Where to get it:

Merciless Gladiator’s Investiture (The Dark Angel Set as I call it)

Merciless Gladiator’s Investiture

I love the dark aura this outfit gives my otherwise bright and spritley gnome. I replaced the hood with the neat little halo from tier 7 to complete the look of a chibi dark angel. All the pieces can be bought with honour points and are sold by the PvP vendor in Area 52, Netherstorm.

Where to get it:

The Doan Set

I love this one for the fun splash of red and memories of Scarlet Monastery. The crown is a particularly fun animated piece with whirling red crystals.

Where to get it:

Dragonslayer Set

This outfit revolves around one of my favourite robes in the game – Robe of the Dragonslayer. It’s a quest reward in Bloodmyst Isle and is one of the rare off-shoulder robes.

Where to get it:

Gladiator’s Mooncloth Set (Priest PvP Season 1)

I’ll be ending with this lovely green set. I think it suits gnomes particularly well and the head-piece designs is one of my favourites in the game. The offset pieces for season 1 are no longer available in game but I did manage to find some good replacements.  The PvP pieces for this set are sold by the vendors in Netherstorm and Isle of Quel’Danas.

Where to get it:

I have a lot more outfits I’d like to get but I need some serious bank help or a vastly bigger void storage option before I can consider that! Which outfits do you like seeing on your gnome? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Transmog Fashion for the Gnome Priest

  1. O_O, those outfits are amazing!!!!!!! Do you think you can make one for gnome warlocks aswell? Because im a huge fan of gnomes … and warlocks, so i would be very grateful if you could come up with something interesting for all of gnome warlock fans. If you dont have time, i understand you completely and thank you anyways.

    • Glad you liked the transmog! That robe you’re wearing in your transmog is one of my favourites from Pandaria 🙂 Such a pretty robe and it shows the little necklace too – looks very cool!

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