Tribute to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms


Here’s a pictorial tribute to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, one of the most beautiful areas of Pandaria. Sadly, this Vale will soon turn into the Vale of Eternal Sorrows with Garrosh Hellscream’s thirst for power. This for me, is something to remember the awesome scenery that will soon be lost.

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Healing Perspectives: Heroic Ji-Kun


Patch 5.4 is due on September 10th and while I was really looking forward to it, I get some much needed time to catch up on these posts that have simply been sitting in my drafts. Heroic Ji-kun is a really fun fight and there isn’t much of a difference between the normal and heroic versions. Much of this fight revolves around the familiar mechanics of dealing with the nests, staying out of pools and such. So, here we go!

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Why Do We Fight?


This is a question I have asked myself over and over again over the last week. As a gnome, as a night elf – why do we fight? Why should I trouble myself with the Horde’s war on Garrosh? He’s not my warchief. What can inspire me to run through the gates of Orgrimmar on behalf of my faction?

I’ve thought about the story in all sorts of ways, looked at the flaws in Blizzard’s storytelling, and tried to explain to myself why the wrath of the Alliance has come to equal what seems to be nothing more than apathy. They are content to sit idle over Southshore, Andorhol and Theramore, so why shouldn’t I.

And then, I saw Windle Sparkshine in Dalaran.


Here was a gnome, with his stately white beard, who walked the streets of Dalaran every night at 9 to light up the magical city.

“His daughter Kinndy was Jaina Proudmoore’s apprentice. She died in the Theramore explosion, and in remembrance Windle lit the lamps with an image of his daughter.” — Tides of War

We are nearing the one year anniversary of Theramore, and in the midst of faction-balances and storytelling issues – it’s very easy to forget the little things. Today, Windle reminded me of them.

Theramore was awful and enraging to everyone. As an Alliance player, I felt immense anger and grief; as a Horde shaman, I was enraged that this was committed in the Horde’s name by the Warchief.

A father lost his beloved daughter, a wife lost her husband, an army lost their commander – and many more whom we don’t know.

When Hellscream’s end draws close, I will make a short trip to Dalaran, to a grieving father. He may not recognise this gnome in a blood elf mechanical suit at the moment, but it’s alright. He will know that when he lights up Dalaran for his daughter, there are those fighting for her and all the others who lost their lives in Hellscream’s madness.

Why do we fight? As an Alliance, I fight in the name of friends I lost to Garrosh Hellscream’s bloodthirst. And as a Horde, I fight to regain my honour.

Seige of Orgrimmar Trailer: Patch 5.4


If there’s anything I love, it’s the trailers before the patch! And what better way to start my day today than with a nice cup of coffee and a wonderful trailer to watch.

This has to be one of the best patch trailers yet. I wasn’t quite sure about war being a good idea and all that for the story, but after watching this, even my gnome is ready to put Gnomeregan on hold to take out Hellscream! (And I’m so glad this trailer is nothing close to the disappointment that the Dragon Soul trailer was.) Enjoy! 🙂

Healing Perspectives: Megaera

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This is a fairly straightforward fight from a healing perspective. There are only a couple things to keep track of here, but the challenge of Megaera is in the intense healing that it requires.

Megaera is a hydra with many heads. Thankfully, we’ll only be fighting two heads at a time – and to make it simpler, only be killing one of the two. There are three flavours of heads here (yeah, that sounds so wrong) : red (flaming), blue (frost) and green (poison). The most common strategy is to kill the red and green heads alternatingly, and completely ignore the blue one. This healing perspective is with that strategy in mind.

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Sha-Touched Threads


Ideas for this one came to me while thinking about the RP aspect of a medic. Life isn’t sunshine and sprockets – sometimes there are hard decisions to be made, and sometimes we are the bearers of bad news. And with being a priest, there’s always darkness where there’s light.

Finally, there’s a theme that’s been the driving force of this entire expansion: dealing with our inner demons of despair, doubt, fear and such. We’re battling the Sha ingame, but we’re also very often dealing with our own RL versions of them.

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Healing Perspectives: Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker


The heroic version of Jin’rokh is just as fun as the normal version is! He’s a big ugly troll who looks much meaner than he actually is. And now, I have a video of the fight as proof! I did a different take on this one and went with captions coupled with some eccentric music (don’t judge me!), instead of the usual narration. Let me know what you think!

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