Gnotable Gnomes: Moxie Lockspinner


Battle for Azeroth is a welcome change with lots of gnomish flair and interesting gnew gnomes to meet. Moxie Lockspinner is a feisty gnome you meet in Stormsong Valley, and you can tell right away where her gnomish heart lies.


This green-haired is your trusty companion as you go around err…. getting gold! Sounds a little like a green-skinned goblin doesn’t she? Well, she admits it herself. In the meantime, you have the privilege, yes privilege, of accompanying her on her heists.


Ahem. *Cough* As with any gold-loving profit-leaning gnome though, one has to be tad careful. Moxie is light on her feet and quick with her words. And if you’re not careful, she’ll relieve you of all your currency! And there’s a reason her last name is Lockspinner…


Even so, she’s a gnome with Sass. Pizzazz. And to me this questline is one of the best parts of Stormsong. Bravo to the writers and quest designers for adding a bit of gnomish magic to our adventures!


2 thoughts on “Gnotable Gnomes: Moxie Lockspinner

  1. Amen. We’ve been craving for gnome stories 🙂

    Have you already found the Gnome hot springs resort questline in Tiragarde? It’s in the middle of landmass south of Boralus.

    • Yes, I actually did the Tiragarde Sound one first since I started out in that area. I actually let out a shriek of joy when I stumbled on it. 🙂

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