Feralheart Raiment

This is a set that will always have so many fond memories for me. My story of Loremaster is always tied to this set. The quest chain was one of the longest, most tedious and frustrating – all the endless UBRS runs, creating the darned Scepter of Beckoning, watching the Baron never drop the Wildheart Kilt…..good times. My final walk through Ashenvale before I saw it burn at the Shattering also happened wearing this outfit. All these memories just put it at the top of the list for me.

The original items of Feralheart Raiment (Dungeon Set 2) are no longer available in the game but since patch 4.3, replica look-alike armour has been added in! All the items of the replica set can be bought from Baruma at Darkmoon Faire.

Where to get it: (Baruma at Darkmoon Faire)

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