Putting on my Healing Heels Again


Trauma medic Lillen Lightspark reporting for duty!

Yes, you heard that right. I’m back in the field doing what I enjoy most – healing. It’s been a while since this blog has seen some proper healing notes. My raiding adventures now will not be anything close to hardcore. Infact, I will be casual with a capital C and happy about it. Furthermore, I am joining the fine gnomes of G4 in our shared quest of gnome powah, so I know my new raiding journeys are going to be nothing short of epic.

I had my first introduction to Gnighthold last weekend. And ooh, the healing heels…they fit but it’s been a while, so they need a bit of breaking into. Did I mention my healing muscles are sore too? I mean really, come to think of it when was the last time I did some proper healing. Blackhand’s something in Draenor comes to mind. Yeah…it’s counted in years, not months. So no wonder I’m a bit rusty.


Perhaps the last straw for me though was when I ran an LFR last to try and practice my healing a little, and to my utter dismay got outhealed by a warrior. A WARRIOR. I mean come on people I’m a holy priest…there’s something fundamentally wrong when not a druid, paladin or any other healing class but a WARRIOR does more healing than I. *huff*

Anyways, I’m having some fun looking to priestly things and understanding the changes. There are a LOT of changes to keep up with. I haven’t yet decided whether I want to be primarily holy or Discipline yet. (Last time I was holy was in Wrath of the Lich King).

In the past I enjoyed writing healing perspectives on many bosses but I’m not sure they’d still be useful for folks? There are so many new resources out there. What do you think?

At the very least, it looks like some of my blogging moho is back. So no matter what, you can expect much writing once again! I can’t wait to get back in there and heal some more!

Gnome powah!

3 thoughts on “Putting on my Healing Heels Again

  1. Ohh, you are back and active!Hi!

    I’ve been lurking around, hoping you’d return; you have a fine site here, glad I came across it 🙂

    And hah, I know! Gosh, it seems bizarre how much none-healing-classes can heal these days! (I wonder, if there is such a thing anymore though, a none healing class…)

    I read that Discipline has recieved several overhauls, but should be very fun to play – and master.

    I for one would love to read guides for healing – you never know if this one person might have a hint that no one has decribed in the same way, and thus it can make a positive difference for someone else 🙂

    Happy healing!

    • Hi there! Always nice to hear from a reader and fellow blogger!

      Yes it’s good to be back, even if the darn warrior has some mad self heals/absorbs. I am interested in discipline and while it looks like it’s more planning and strategising, it also seems the most rewarding. We’ll see – I may be eating my words soon haha.

      In the meantime, I’m loving going back to the drawing board on some of the stuff. I know druid seems very familiar to me and is nothing like the headscratcher that is discipline priest.

      Thanks for the feedback on the healing guides! I loved writing them in the past, so I’ll try to get back to those if everything works out. It’s true, different perspectives can always be helpful. Thanks for stopping by and happy healing to you too! 🙂 *special healer high five*

      • Hah, I look forward to hear about your experience with Discipline. I really liked it back in WotlK days, but it has changed completely since then – and I have taken a very long break from the game inbetween as well.

        Obviously, Im all about the druids 😉

        That’s excellent, I’ll keep an eye out for guides as you process!
        Any plans on what you want to dive into, content wise? 🙂

        *High fives back with flippers – splash! Offering a towel afterwards*

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