Healing Perspectives: Will of the Emperor


Will of the Emperor is a welcome relief from Elegon. It still requires some intense healing but the key to the fight is mostly in the tank dance and dealing with the adds.

This fight has two phases that alternate throughout – the add phase and the burn phase. While both of these cycle through, the tanks deal with the boss and doing the dance.  The add phase is when different kinds of adds spawn and must be systematically dealt with by the DPS while the burn phase is when the entire room fills with gas and the raid takes AoE damage.

The key to this fight is pacing out the healing and cooldowns as required by the different phases.


– Keep 12 yards from the two bosses: The devastating abilities from both bosses have a 12 yard radius and can be deadly. Make sure you’re out of that range to avoid painful death.

– Heavy tank heals: The tanks still eat swings of damage while they do their dance so make sure to keep them topped off. Tank cooldowns are best used when the burn phase cycles around but be liberal with the shorter healing cooldowns to keep them up.

Add Phase

Help with Focused Assault: The Emperor’s Rage adds fixate on a random player and should be killed before they reach their target. If their fixated raid member is too close,  use movement increasing boosts to help them avoid the add until it’s dead.

CC Emperor’s Rage if it’s on you: This add can get annoying when it fixates on a healer but remember that it is susceptible to all forms of crowd control. It’s not the top of the kill list for the dps so while you wait, use abilities like Psychic Scream and Void Tendrils to keep it at bay.

Burn Phase

– Coordinate raid cooldowns for Titan’s Gas: The gas hits the raid for 20k frost damage every second and can get dangerous if people are not at full health.  Stack up and use raid cooldowns to deal with incoming damage. Since this phase is fairly predictable at every 2 minutes, it helps to plan out the order of cooldowns. For me, it worked out well to co-ordinate my Barrier with a fellow healer’s cooldown.

Spirit Shell is a lovely flexible cooldown to use in this fight. Depending on how incoming damage looks to be, I decide to use it either with Power Infusion on the raid during Titan’s Gas or on the tanks during phases of heavy incoming damage.

Happy healing! 🙂

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