Healing Perspectives: Elegon


Elegon is an incredibly fun fight that requires good execution and precise timing from the entire raid. It’s often been said that the better a Discipline priest knows the fight, the stronger they are at healing – and if there was a fight that really illustrates that well, it would be Elegon. The more you plan your healing and find the healing rhythm of the fight, the stronger your heals will be here.

The fight starts out with Phase 1 transitioning through to Phase 3 and the cycle repeats once when Elegon hits 50% health. When the cycle goes through, Elegen enters his final do-or-die burn phase.

Phase 1: The Add

Heal through Celestial Breath:  Heavy heals are needed on the tank during Celestial Breath. Ideally, Elegon should be positioned so only the tank takes this. Even though we have increased damage and healing in the bubble, remember that the tanks take increased damage depending on their stacks. Keep track of their stacks and use mitigation cooldowns if necessary.

Watch Stacks: Standing in the platform gives you an increased damage/ and healing received by 50%. In addition, it has a stacking component that increases the damage taken by 5% for each stack. To keep a lid on the damage being taken, be sure to step out and drop your stacks every so often.

Dispel and Heal for Closed Circuit: The add Elegon spawns does Arcing Energy to random players and puts a reduced healing received debuff on two random players. The ability hits fairly hard so make sure players are healed up quick. Coordinate dispels to ensure that people are dispelled in time for Total Annihilation, the add’s big raid AoE. A good way of coordinating dispels is to have to one healer do the first dispel and then consecutively have the second healer pick up the other. This avoids confusion with both healers trying to dispel the same person.

Heal through Total Annihilation: Total Annihilation is the second ability to watch for on the soaking tank. It is cast by the add when it’s at 0% and hits fairly hard. Queue up a short cooldown to deal with this. Alternating between Spirit Shell and Barrier works wonders here – it goes a long way in conserving mana and making healing easier for the rest of the fight since you don’t have to worry about bringing up the health of the entire raid.

Phase 2: The Orbs

Damage the orbs as much as possible: Every time the orbs go down without reaching the end, the boss takes increased damage. Therefore any damaging abilities to help bring down the orbs quickly is useful in this phase. This is a fine phase to position yourself well and use an offensive Penance to help damage the orbs – the atonement healing from the three volleys can potentially hit three different targets and can help keep up the DPS during this phase.

Heal up the raid before other orbs explode: When the orbs explode they damage the raid, so it’s essential to make sure everyone is topped off before popping the others – and also make sure you’re off the platform to avoid taking increased damage.

Move out of the energy vortex right before phase 3: Or die.

Phase 3: The Hagara-ish phase

Group with the tank and AoE heal the raid: There is a bit of AoE damage going around this phase but nothing significant until the adds spawn. A great way of dealing with this phase is to have all the pillars go down around the same time and group up the adds.  This a good time to regen mana and help take down cylinders. When the adds spawn the raid will take quite a bit of damage, even while they’re simply grouping them up. The raid will be spread quite far apart during this phase – spells like Cascade are fantastic for for getting some healing out to the far off players.

Avoid the swirls on the ground: There are two reasons to avoid the swirls on the ground: 1) to make sure an add doesn’t spawn on you and 2) to make sure you’re 5 yards from the add when he spawns to avoid a lot of damage. Keep bubbles with Body and Soul handy to help the raid stack up quickly when the adds spawn, and to move out of puddles of nastiness.

Heavy healing on the raid before the final phase hits: When the final phase hits, the platform reappears with Elegon casting Unstable Energy. This ability does a lot more damage if you’re outside the platform so its essential to get onto the platform ASAP. Keeping the raid topped off makes sure they survive the first tick of Unstable Energy when going into the burn phase.

Phase 4: Burn Phase.

– Stack with the raid and rotate raid cooldowns to buy the raid as much time to burn the boss. It is essential to use every cooldown the raid has to get through this phase including anything the tanks may have. It’s also a fantastic time to use personal cooldowns and lock cookies to help prevent death.  This is a phase of ridiculous incoming damage so triage, pace it out and hope it dies. 🙂

Additional Notes:

– This fight is all about precision and finding the healing rhythm of when to pop what. A big component of this is getting the phase transitions right so it’s critical as a Discipline priest to be exceedingly aware of when you’re using Atonement to heal, and when you’re reverting to the pure healing.

– I personally pop Mindbender on the Celestial Protector rather than Elegon during Phase 1. During Phase 2, it is best set on Elegon while the raid focuses on downing the orbs.

– Lining up Archangel for the Total Annihilaton phase is a fantastic way to get a healing boost regardless of what it is used in conjunction with. I alternate Spirit Shell with Barrier for each of those – the exception being during the second cycle when I’m sure I want Barrier off cooldown for the final burn phase. When possible, Spirit Shell with Power Infusion is a fantastic way to mitigate damage.

– Hymn of Hope is best popped during the second round of Phase 3 when the pillars/pylons go down. Even if you’re not completely out of mana then, it gives a moment of peace for uninterrupted channeling time, and ensures that you go into the final burn phase strong with mana.

2 thoughts on “Healing Perspectives: Elegon

  1. It’s interesting to read it from another healer’s perspective! I see the similarities between what I have to do yet the spells are all so different… thanks Saya for the fun read!

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