Discipline Priest Healing in 5.0.4


This last week has been that familiar time where my healing world gets turned upside down and I have to relearn it all over again. Like all classes, Discipline healing has seen an overhaul in mechanics, stats and priorities. A week ago I felt awesome in my BiS gear and after the patch hit, I was gasping for mana – and my BiS gear wasn’t so BiS anymore. If this sounds familiar, fear not. You’re not alone and with a little tweaking and switching up of priorities, Discipline healing gets to be fun and interesting. Without further ado, here are my first impressions of Discipline healing in 5.0.4:  Continue Reading »

Patch 5.0.4: Discipline Priest Glyph Options


Glyphs have seen a bit of an overhaul this patch – gone are the days of three tier glyphs. We now only have major glyphs and minor glyphs to work with now, and can only activate three of each at the same time.

I found glyph choices so far to be quite interesting and like the talent choices, there seems to be no easy answer to what is “good” and what is “bad”.  Here’s my take on discipline priest glyph options:

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Patch 5.0.4: Discipline Priest Changes


Change is in the air again and it’s time to take a good look at the new talents and abilities Discipline has in store! Overall, I like that the core mechanics of Discipline healing are going to remain fairly familiar – Rapture, Divine Aegis, Grace and all the others are still going to be around, granted in a new reincarnated sort of way. Hey, a pre-expansion patch wouldn’t be a pre-expansion patch without kicking up some dust! This is less of a blow-by-blow account of every single change and more of a highlight on the big healing changes. Here we go!

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