Healing Perspectives: Heroic Morchok


The other night I had my very first foray into heroic modes. Ever. Normal mode Dragon Soul has got increasingly boring over the last couple months and at many points I felt distinctly too powerful while downing the bosses. Heroic modes have changed all that and although I’m entering these rather late in the expansion, they provide me with a fun challenge that has me pushing healing to my limit. And here’s the very first of them – Morchok!

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Healing Perspectives: Morchok

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Today I finally ventured into Dragon Soul….just to say hi. I couldn’t help but notice how different the experience was from my first foray into Firelands. I enjoyed these fights a whole lot more! There wasn’t an insane amount of trash to be had, the first boss took a few attempts but was relatively painless, as was the following one. The mechanics were interesting and didn’t give me the impression they were designed by a complete sadist. So far, so good.

Speaking of downing bosses, let’s talk about Morchok….Father of Ozruk! Well, not really….or maybe? They do look alike! Here’s how to take him from the perspective of a healer. For clarity, this post is about dealing with Morchok on 10 man normal mode.