Stories from a Shattered World: Badlands


With the final confrontation with Deathwing on the horizon, I thought I should get the story of Badlands out right away. Far from being a land forgotten and rarely visited, Badlands has some key elements in the progression of our storyline in the aftermath of Deathwing’s return. The time to grieve is over, and we’ll be looking to the future, answering questions such as what is the future of the obsidian dragonflight? It’s one of the best questlines to do in Azeroth and its importance is only highlighted by the continuation of its story in the legendary questline for the rogue dagger, come 4.3. I highly recommend reading the quests in this zone and turning on the music for full effect.

Stories from a Shattered World: Westfall


For the last couple months, I’ve been spending a decent amount of time in shattered Azeroth as a young adventurer. I started various alts off and on with my heirlooms safely in my bank and the LFD button out of sight. The idea was to do things a little differently – to look at the land, to experience the change and to hear the stories that it had to offer through quests. Many of these stories are deep, poignant, funny, truly heartfelt and I thought, worth sharing. This is where this series comes from – a highlight into stories from the shattered world.

Westfall has one of the richest stories to offer in my opinion, so this post will be chock full of screenshots. It’s a far cry from its former self where the land was dry, deserted and the Defias ruled. Well, Westfall is still dry mind you – even the Shattering can’t change some things I suppose – but its situation is now dire and its barrenness is found in spirit. The story here opens with murder…

The pre-Cataclysm Bucket List

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Last night I spontaneously decided that I would farm out the Hyacinth Macaw. It was an absurd and ridiculous endeavour, but I did it anyway. The bird’s pretty blue and purple wings had me under a spell. WarcraftPets warned me about the drop rate – a whopping 1 in 5,000 chance, but I paid no heed. I challenged the gods of probability and set off to Stranglethorn Vale filled with false confidence.

After three fruitless hours of farming, and heck, revered reputation with the entire Steamwheedle Cartel, reality set in and I think I realise why I avoided those statistics classes back in college. At some point, I couldn’t bear to kill another Swashbuckler or Deckhand and questioned why I was there. I mean, I’m not even a pet collector! It was time to take a good long look at my to-do list before cataclysm. Some call it the “bucket list”…which I suppose works since Azeroth will be hitting the bucket pretty soon. I realise it’s less than a month before the cataclysm hits, but better late than never! Here it is:

  • Complete the Loremaster Achievement: Check! This was a fun one but then I am sort of a questing geek. I even found a quest while farming the Bloodsail mobs – Cortello’s Riddle. There’s no escaping it.
  • Acquire Reins of the Raven Lord: Check! It took about a month of daily dedicated farming for this one. Special thanks to my pocket-tank warrior, for this =)
  • Complete the Druid Epic Swift Flight Questline: Check! I actually completed all the steps to this one before the Wrath expansion, but the simply didnt want to go through heroic Setthekk at that level. I picked it up soon after completing my Guardian of Cenarius title – and I’m glad I did since they did away with the class-specific quests.
  • Acquire Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber: Incomplete. I love my ground mounts, and I particularly love sabers. I hope I will have the patience and perseverance for this, but farming Wintersaber reputation is just about the most tedious thing I can think of. The hardest part is constantly travelling to and from the quest-giver – literally traversing Winterspring in its entirety. Did I mention it’s the same quest over and over again? Siiigh. But the saber is so pretty.
  • Acquire Swift Zulian Tiger: Incomplete. Ha! Sorry…I couldn’t resist. =P Well the drop chance for this beauty is extremely low at a 0.8% from High Priest Thekal. I have been farming this quite consistently now but I might never see it drop. Infact, some argue its better to get the 100% guaranteed Wintersaber than the elusive Zulian Tiger. I say, get them both!
  • Acquire Feralheart Raiment: Check! A beautiful set to have although the questline really does test you. For information on the quests and tips, see my Feralheart Raiment post.
  • Acquire Cenarion Raiment: Incomplete. So close yet so far! I decided to get this set for roleplaying purposes as well as to have my one complete set from vanilla days. I have everything but the Cenarion Vestments. Oh Gods of Molten Core drops, please shine down upon me!
  • Acquire Hyacinth Macaw: Incomplete. Yes, I’ve decided it goes in here afterall. Granted I’m not a pet collector but that bird just looks so darn cool! The good news from WarcraftPets is that it will not disappear come Cataclysm…so there is still hope. In the meantime, I might take to farming the Auction House instead. =)
  • Complete the Classic Dungeon Master achievement: Incomplete. I’m only missing one at the moment for this: Ragefire Chasm. Well, now I know what to do if I ever have sleepless night….sneak into Orgrimmar when all the hordies are asleep!
Now off I go to collect some incense and flowers for the Gods of Molten Core Drops and the Zulian Tiger Gods.