Healing Perspectives: Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker


The heroic version of Jin’rokh is just as fun as the normal version is! He’s a big ugly troll who looks much meaner than he actually is. And now, I have a video of the fight as proof! I did a different take on this one and went with captions coupled with some eccentric music (don’t judge me!), instead of the usual narration. Let me know what you think!

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Healing Perspectives: Heroic Morchok


The other night I had my very first foray into heroic modes. Ever. Normal mode Dragon Soul has got increasingly boring over the last couple months and at many points I felt distinctly too powerful while downing the bosses. Heroic modes have changed all that and although I’m entering these rather late in the expansion, they provide me with a fun challenge that has me pushing healing to my limit. And here’s the very first of them – Morchok!

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