Healing Perspectives: General Nazgrim

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General Nazgrim is another of those familiar figures appearing in Siege of Orgrimmar. He was a cool quest-giver and a loyal orc in my book so he gets praises for that. And he is probably the only “honourable” boss in this raid instance. His decision to stick to Garrosh was disappointing but his choice lessens my reluctance to kill him. It was a choice and he chose to follow a tyrant – now he reaps what he sows.

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Healing Perspectives: Fallen Protectors


I admit that when I did the Golden Lotus dailies way back, I didn’t enjoy them very much simply because of the daily overdose. But I still liked the quest-givers, and I felt sad when I saw that they had become part of the raid. It was pure horror for me when I looked up to see their names and…. recognised them.

Sun Tenderheart, Rook Stonetoe and He Softfoot – rest in peace.

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Healing Perspectives: Immerseus


This is an interesting start to the new tier for me. Last night was an awesome raid night. We walked into the raid and were done with the first four bosses within an hour. Which is great ofcourse – except now I have four posts to catch  up on! 🙂

The first bad guy we’ll deal with is Immerseus – a watery boss who looks much scarier than he actually is.

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Healing Perspectives: Heroic Ji-Kun


Patch 5.4 is due on September 10th and while I was really looking forward to it, I get some much needed time to catch up on these posts that have simply been sitting in my drafts. Heroic Ji-kun is a really fun fight and there isn’t much of a difference between the normal and heroic versions. Much of this fight revolves around the familiar mechanics of dealing with the nests, staying out of pools and such. So, here we go!

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Healing Perspectives: Megaera

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This is a fairly straightforward fight from a healing perspective. There are only a couple things to keep track of here, but the challenge of Megaera is in the intense healing that it requires.

Megaera is a hydra with many heads. Thankfully, we’ll only be fighting two heads at a time – and to make it simpler, only be killing one of the two. There are three flavours of heads here (yeah, that sounds so wrong) : red (flaming), blue (frost) and green (poison). The most common strategy is to kill the red and green heads alternatingly, and completely ignore the blue one. This healing perspective is with that strategy in mind.

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Healing Perspectives: Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker


The heroic version of Jin’rokh is just as fun as the normal version is! He’s a big ugly troll who looks much meaner than he actually is. And now, I have a video of the fight as proof! I did a different take on this one and went with captions coupled with some eccentric music (don’t judge me!), instead of the usual narration. Let me know what you think!

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Feedback for Healing Perspectives Format


I’m playing around with the idea of adding a visual component to my blog posts and I’d love to hear your feedback.

In particular, I’m thinking of the “healing perspectives” series of posts. I’m considering adding a video at the end of each post to give folks a look at how the boss fight looks from a healer’s point of view, and it hopefully will illustrate any points I made in the healing strat. I don’t see it being a narrative guide or anything – just a visual supplement to the strat.

So, dear readers: Would a video at the end of a healing perspectives post be helpful/cool to see? 

I really appreciate your input, so thank you for taking the time to vote! 🙂

Update: Here’s an example of what the videos would look like. Perhaps with a subtitle or two if explanations were needed. 

Update: Here’s an example of a video with a voiceover explanation.