Healing Perspectives: The Stone Guard

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This is a really cool fight which involves battling three out of the four stone statues guarding the vaults. The four guardians are Jade, Amethyst, Jasper and Cobalt – each having different abilities in addition to their AoE “overload”.  The mechanics of the fight in general rely on watching the energy bar of the guardian, well-timed tank swaps, and making sure that the right type of guardian is doing the overload so it is mitigated by the debuff they provide.

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Discipline Priest Healing in 5.0.4


This last week has been that familiar time where my healing world gets turned upside down and I have to relearn it all over again. Like all classes, Discipline healing has seen an overhaul in mechanics, stats and priorities. A week ago I felt awesome in my BiS gear and after the patch hit, I was gasping for mana – and my BiS gear wasn’t so BiS anymore. If this sounds familiar, fear not. You’re not alone and with a little tweaking and switching up of priorities, Discipline healing gets to be fun and interesting. Without further ado, here are my first impressions of Discipline healing in 5.0.4:  Continue Reading »

Healing Perspectives: Beth’tilac

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It is time to kill spiders! Our foe here is none other than Beth’tilac, the Red Widow. And when they said red, boy did they mean red. This is a fun, two phase fight which involves a bit of add management, climbing through her fiery web and a lot of spider squishing. This post, as usual, will focus on this fight for healers rather than a complete rundown of the mechanics. Let’s see what tricks this spider has up her sleeve!

Cataclysm Rare Gems Quick Reference Guide

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With my feet in a couple heroics, I’ve found myself turning my attention to the gemming options. I usually like to use the addon Panda for this ingame, but I have no real equivalent when I’m simply browsing otherwise. Hence we now have this browsable gem reference. Rather than limiting it to resto druid gems, I decided to include all gem cuts for browsing convenience with special note of the ones that restoration druids would find to be particularly yummy. Enjoy!

Inferno Ruby (red) – Red Socket

, , , ,

Resto: Brilliant Inferno Ruby

Ember Topaz (orange) – Red or Yellow Socket

, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Resto: Reckless Ember Topaz, Potent Ember Topaz, Artful Ember Topaz

Amberjewel (yellow) – Yellow Socket

, , , ,

Resto: Smooth Amberjewel, Quick Amberjewel

Dream Emerald (green) – Blue or Yellow Socket

, , , , , , , , ,

Resto: Zen Dream Emerald, Forceful Dream Emerald (I wasn’t too excited about these – so far I’ve been avoiding green gems for the other intellect, spirit and haste gem options).

Ocean Sapphire (blue) – Blue Socket

, , ,

Resto: Sparkling Ocean Sapphire

Demonseye (purple) – Red or Blue Socket

, , , , , , , , , ,

Resto: Purified Demonseye

Shadowspirit Diamond – Meta Socket

, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Resto: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond (the one I personally prefer over others), Revitalising Shadowspirit Diamond, Bracing Shadowspirit Diamond