Come Tank for Me!


Come tank for us and you shall see,
The yummy heals that are yours to be!

Fear not death for my bubbles are strong,
With my epic absorbs, nothing can go wrong!

Taunt the boss, smack the add!
Tank with us and it’ll be rad!

Skip the swaps, and take those stacks
With Pain Supp. and Spirit Shell, I’ve got your back!

My raid team is recruiting a tank! More info at the guild website and recruitment thread.

Disclaimer: Cute gnome is not included with the guild or raid spot.

Doom, Gloom and Random Rants


This post is going to be all over the place, friendly warning. Things are meh in the Saya World for now and have been for the last week or two. My mind has been filled with thoughts on Flex Raiding, the guild hunt and all other manner of things and for some reason, I simply can’t get them all out in a cohesive, structured way. So finally, I’m saying eff it. I have a nice cup of coffee this morning – and here’s my unstructured update.

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