Being Horde


It’s a been around three months since I started raiding hordeside and that’s around enough time for me to consider bringing up my army of alts there. (I am still a gnome at heart ofcourse, and I always poke my raid team about going back to the alliance but hey, that’s not what this post is about.)

I’ve rolled numerous horde alts in the past – often inspired by the Warcraft cinematics I watched. In fact my very first horde toon, an undead warlock, was inspired by the badass murloc-burning guy you see up there. I’m the sort of the player who likes to relate a little bit to my characters – even if they’re only being rolled for something like profession purposes. And so I was quite surprised that when I tried to roll my alts this time around, I found myself somehow unable to play a majority of the horde races. What had changed?

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Five Reasons to Roll a Goblin

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So Firelands has finally come to a close for me and I found myself somewhat twiddling my thumbs as to what to do next. Finding things that were fun were really a bit of a challenge for me this tier given my disappointment in the raid, but I did eventually discover two things that brought back the life and giggles I missed: the first is pvping as  Disc priest (which warrants a post of its own and will be out soon!); and the second is the pure hilarity and fun of goblins.

The goblin story, their personalities and hell, everything about them really is quirky and giggle-worthy. And it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to join their party. It’s all about the money baby! Cha-ching!! Their starting area is hands down the best one I’ve seen thus far and their quirky little humour is a refreshing change to our current world of death and sadness. If you haven’t rolled a goblin by the end of this post, your money back! Guaranteed! *Low voice and super fine print ensue* Return is subject to terms and conditions. This offer is not available in all regions of Azeroth. *giggle*

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