Caravan Conversations: Part II

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Warcraft humour strikes again with the hilarious duo of Giddy Goldbraids and Tarenar Sunstrike. The “Paladin Pals” are enthusiastically on their way to join the Argent Crusade in the Eastern Plaguelands. In their last conversation, they were comparing zombie-kills….I wonder what they’d be bickering bout this time…

Caravan Conversations

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Azeroth is filled with some fantastic humour in the most unexpected places. The last time I stumbled across it was in the Hillsbrad Foothills questline. This time around, we’ll be meeting the unlikely yet hilarious pair of Gidwin Goldbraid and Tarenar Sunstrike – two enthusiastic paladins in the Eastern Plaguelands who are on their way to join the Argent Crusade. Travelling in a caravan with Fiona, these two pals could have their own show….

Here we go….