Druid Outfits: My Tier Picks for Transmogrification


So transmogrification is on the horizon and there are quite a few reasons I’m excited for it. When I collected and saved Dungeon Set 2 and Tier 1, it was purely for RP reasons and I hadn’t even dreamed of being able to use them outside that context. The meeting of RP and raiding is fantastic for me – I mean, what could be cooler than killing baddies in metaphorical high heels as it were! The other part of transmogrification is ofcourse the ability to hide particularly unflattering sets. Many of the tier sets look fantastic but we always have the odd one that just looks….awful. While I hardly look at my character while raiding, I still like to avoid cringing while logging in! And now, instead of “Follow the tree!” its turned into “Follow the Cactus-head!” or something like that. Unacceptable. There is a reason I am Noggenfogger’s best customer this tier.

My choices for transmogrification have a mix of fashion as well as the stories that make them special to me. Without further ado, here is the list!

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Roleplaying Outfits: Sets and Tier Gear

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There’s a certain special element about wearing a fully co-ordinated set while roleplaying. While leafy outfits and creative kilts look great, sets and tier gear have a completely different effect. They’re class specific and often named after great entities in lore, and they always have something unmistakably druidic about them. And they’re particularly fitting to wear if you’re on say scouting mission for Cenarion Circle, or representing the druids at an event etc.

On this fine morning of server maintenance, I will share the sets that I’ve collected as well as the sets I would’ve liked to get had I more bank space! (*hint *hint Blizzard!)

Cenarion Raiment

A set named after the demigod Cenarius himself! The highlights of this outfit are the leafy green shoulders and the unmistakable antler head-piece. I decided to get this set not just for roleplaying purposes, but also as my one complete set from vanilla WoW, as part of my pre-Cataclysm bucket list.

All the pieces can be found in Molten Core:

Cenarion Vestments: Golemagg 
Cenarion Spaulders: Baron Geddon
Cenarion Leggings: Magmadar
Cenarion Helm: Garr
Cenarion Boots: Lucifron
Cenarion Bracers: Trash Mobs (BoE)
Cenarion Belt: Trash Mobs (BoE)
Cenarion Gloves: Shazzrah

Here is a zoomed in version in the hope of capturing more of the details of this outfit. I love the little things here like the tiny leaves in the headpiece with the matching spaulders…not to mention the brown leaves on the gloves and bracers. Did I mention leaves yet?

Feralheart Raiment

Another set that ranks as one of my favourites. Its a little different from the Cenarion Raiment as it takes more nocturnal colours with a celestial theme. No leaves here but we have the moon, the stars and a lovely blue to match.

The Feralheart Raiment can be obtained by upgrading the Wildheart Raiment through a series of quests offered by Deliana. (For more information on this, see my previous Feralheart Raiment post).

A long time ago I began the upgrade quests but abandoned them shortly after, and did away with the gloves, bracers and belt of this set. I’ve never been a fan of GM tickets so I sought out decent replacement pieces as I completed my set.

Here is a closer look at the outfit in a different light as I walk through Ashenvale.

For the belt, I’m wearing Belt of the Raven Lord (from Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls). For the hands and wrists, I’m wearing Ceremonial Leather Gloves and Ceremonial Leather Bracers respectively. These seemingly ordinary pieces surprised me with how well they matched the set.

The sets below are the ones I don’t currently have but would dearly love to, sometime in the future. *Cough* bank space *cough* (The images below are courtesy of WoWhead).

Wildheart Raiment:

Also, known as Dungeon Set 1, the Wildheart Raiment is similar in design to the Feralheart Raiment. I love the colours in this outfit – the subdued blues and pinks work very well together and they provide for a good off-beat colour scheme. The pieces themselves are relatively easy to obtain:

Wildheart Vest: General Drakkisath (UBRS)
Wildheart Spaulders: Girzul (BRS)
Wildheart Kilt: Baron Rivendare (Stratholme)
Wildheart Gloves: The Unforgiven (Stratholme)
Wildheart Belt: Scholomance and BRS Trash mobs
Wildheart Boots: Mother Smolderweb (BRS)
Wildheart Bracers: Stratholme and Scholomance Trash Mobs
Wildheart Cowl: Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)

Conqueror’s Nightsong Garb/Regalia/Battlegear:

Another stunning set to have. The detail of the robe and shoulders just blow me away while the crescent moon headpiece is fantastic to mix and match with other outfits as well. These pieces are obtained by turning it tokens that drop from various bosses in Ulduar (25-man). Note that the head and chest pieces can be bought from the Leather Armor Vendor in Dalaran using Justice Points.

Shoulders: Yogg-Saron
Hands: Mimiron
Chest: Hodir or Justice Points
Head: Thorim or Justice Points
Leggings: Freya

Well thats it for today. There are many sets out there but these really sum up my favourites in terms of aesthetics (well what else do we look for anyways? =P ) I had a lot of fun putting together these outfits and can’t wait to see the new ones we’ll have in Cataclysm! As always, thanks for reading =)