Healing Perspectives: Blade Lord Ta’yak

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I’m back raiding! *creaks raid muscles* It’s good to be healing again – and this is around the time where the new patch will be out soon, and I realise I have all these posts that are waiting published!

Today, it’s all about how to help yet another ugly bug in Heart of Fear meet his doom!┬áMuch of the fight involves good positioning and well-timed heals. It’s one of those fights I highly recommend viewing/practicing in LFR – it’s a great way to get used to the mechanics and figure out a healing rhythm.

Blade Lord Ta’yak is a simple fight with two phases. Phase 1 is what I call the raid dance phase, where the raid collapses in and spreads out to deal with Unseen Strikes and Wind Step. Phase 2 occurs when Ta’yak hits 20% health and involves the long-tornado-run-of-doom.

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