Rest and Relaxation in Azeroth


My schedule has mostly settled into a nice predictable routine with the onset of summer. I raid on the weekends, and I get zombified during the week. The zombification is mostly happening because piano has now kicked into high gear for the last couple months and after memorising new pieces, practicing and rehearsing the performance pieces, I mostly look and feel like a zombie at the end of the day.

But that doesn’t stop me from playing WoW – oh no! It has however, led me to write off raiding on my alts and discover how rest and relaxation works in Azeroth. Here are a few of my favourite activities to do on weeknights to kick up my feet, unwind…and basically not use my brain as much as I can.

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Archaeology for Healers: Rest, Relaxation …and Shinies!

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Since Cataclysm’s release, LFD has acquired a somewhat notorious reputation for itself: players who charge in without thought, who ignore mechanics of a fight, and more often than not blame the healer for their own mistakes. My own experience included some of these discouraging moments and at some point when the tank said “No need for cc…plz heal thru!”, I decided it was enough. I avoided random groups like the plague, and instead, turned my attention to the new and exciting profession of archaeology. Initially I found it to be a cute but rather repetitive profession. However, I soon found myself enjoying it and looking forward to the next artifact to unearth. I admit for lore buffs such as myself, it was heaven. But hey, its not just about lore and great roleplaying artifacts…it has some lovely shinies (which have fascinating stories) which are great for gearing up. Yep… I did say shinies…

So why is archaeology a great profession to spend time on?

  • It’s stress free. As much as I enjoy healing, I have to admit that some of my experiences turned a couple of my hairs white. That’s not always the best thing! After the on-the-edge type of healing dungeons, archaeology is a welcome break to take a deep breath and make sure you don’t burn yourself out as a healer.
  • Doesn’t require huge chunks of time at one shot. The days of 20 minutes heroics ended a while ago now. Heroics usually take atleast an hour if not more…and with PuGs tend to go for two hours or sometimes more. I don’t always have huge blocks of time to commit in this manner. With archaeology, it’s easy to stop whenever you feel like and pick up where you left off. Heck, I can actually do other things while I’m on the flight paths.
  • It has shinies and goodies of all kinds. And I’m not just talking about gear…I’m talking mounts, pets, and a plethora of little whimsical oddities ( Bones of Transformation…haha) that are just plain fun. Yep…it’s fun!Furthermore, those lovely epics are bind on account. While they don’t scale with the lower level alts, level appropriate characters can enjoy them as well.

Oh yes, shinies. I did mention those. Alright, here are the yummy goodies archaeology has for us healers. Might I add that they are on par with first tier raid level gear.

Tyrande’s Favorite Doll : A rare tier Night elf item that is simply put, yummy for casters – lots of intellect and some great mana regen for us. Given its rarity, it seems as though one would need a skill level of 450 and above to have a chance of discovering this one.

Staff of Ammunae: Excuse me while I swoon at its awesomeness. *swoon* A rare Tol’vir item from Uldum digsites.

Ring of the Boy Emperor: Another rare Tol’vir item…when this showed up for me in the page I was in shock for a little bit and then spent the entirety of my day gathering the fragments.

You’ll notice that these items are exclusively in Kalimdor, which is where I spent most of my time digging. I used a combination of Ring of the Kirin Tor (for the CoT portal to Tanaris), the trusty druid Moonglade teleport and my hearthstone to get around the continent quickly. To maximise the Uldum digsites spawns, I always checked after every digsite I completed to see if there was one in Uldum. If there was, I’d go do that one first before the others.

As a side note, the goodies list doesn’t end here ofcourse. There are rare mounts to be found such as Scepter of Asj’Akir and pets such as Clockwork Gnome and much more!

We need to keep in mind a bit of statistics here. The drop rates on these rare items means that it could show up on your third Uldum artifact or your hundredth. Archaeology can be very time consuming and somewhat tedious if these items are farmed out. At the end of creating the ring, I was ready to do something different and didn’t want to see a shovel icon for a while. However, considering the low success rate of PuGs and the high stress levels, I personally didn’t see time better spent elsewhere necessarily. Archaeology makes for a great profession to pursue between dungeons and resets and profession cooldowns. I always have something to do on the side while I’m doing archaeology which makes it less repetitive and helps ease the zombifying feeling.

Hope you enjoyed the read and happy excavating! =)