The Troubled Path of Gearing


Gear is an essential part of playing – whether you’re raiding or PvPing or simply doing the solo quest for awesome green fire. Gear is never the end reward necessarily, but it is a necessary part of killing a boss or opponent. No, this post is not about loot drama or anything – but more about the bigger picture as gearing stands right now.

Two things in particular have followed, one after another to bring this issue up: 1) the strange gear distribution in tier 14 and 2) the recent decision stating that there will be no more 5-mans for the rest of Mists.

Until now, I admit I was mostly unconcerned with the decision not to add any more 5-mans. I sympathised with those that solely play for 5-man content and enjoy it – but I didn’t feel like I had a vested interest in arguing against the decision. That is until I took a good look at my character to get ready for raiding once again. The issues became painfully obvious once I saw the gear I got and the things I was unable to get – namely my problem slot of an offhand.

In my mind, the strange gear distribution in tier 14 and the recent no-new-5-mans decision are connected – and the decision will now go a long away in exacerbating already existing issues.

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