Guild Guidelines

My thoughts on guild rules and guidelines. Please contact me for permission if you’d like to use this material.


  • Hardcore Raiding on a Casual Schedule
  • Is a home for people who balance the requirements of hardcore raiding with real life commitments, work, school etc. SDG offers a progression environment with a tight 2 night a week schedule. Our goal is to enjoy serious raiding on a casual schedule in a mature, fun environment.
  • Personality
  • Our raiding atmosphere is defined by a light-hearted attitude while taking our class and roles in raiding seriously. We are tight-knit, mature bunch who get things done. There is no yelling, screaming, slurs, insults or otherwise unacceptable behavior in our raids. We like to keep our environment respectful and mature.
  • No Carries
  • For all of us, fun is defined by everyone bringing their best to the raid team and everyone pulling their weight. There are zero exceptions to this. Everyone in the raid puts their best foot forward and contributes equally to the team’s progress. Anyone not doing so is only wasting the time of nine other players. Time is precious to all of us on a limited schedule, and everyone gives it their 100%.
  • Teamwork
  • Members are encouraged to participate in strat discussions and offer ideas on the forums. We value teamwork above all else.


  • The guild has one simple rule for all members to follow: Don’t be a jerk.  Our goal is to keep the environment respectful, mature, and fun for everyone.  Any racist, sexist, hurtful remarks and insults are not tolerated. Any member who engages in this will be instantly removed.  There is no room for immature rape jokes here.
  • We have a strict no drama policy. Any issues during raids or with a member should be brought to officers and council members either via PM or ingame and it will be handled.


  • All raiders are expected to know their classes inside out and have excellent raid awareness. The team is always willing to help members get better but raiders are expected to know their rotations, stat priorities, and keep up with class changes patch to patch. Heroic progression is not the place we teach people their classes or how to avoid fire.
  • All members maintain close to 100% attendance. We understand that real life can happen and require folks to give advance notice. No shows/consistently late raiders will be removed from the team.
  • Raiders must be gemmed, enchanted, be appropriately reforged, upgraded their gear, and have the proper food and flask buffs during raid. Failure to do any of these could result in removal from the group.
  • Raiders must know the required boss strategy and the group-specific strategy from the forums PRIOR to raid night. Showing up without any clue as to how a fight works lets the other nine people down.
  • Raiding efficiently and making the most of our time is a key part of our philosophy. If a wipe is called, folks are expected to stand in fire/goo so we can get a better pull in asap. No one wants to see how long you can outheal goo.
  • Mumble is required by all raiders, and must be kept free and quiet during raids.
  • If any raider fails to follow these guidelines, they get ONE warning from the raid leader. If they are unable or unwilling to fix issues, they may be removed from the team.


  • Loot is decided by a roll system with loot council having the final say in loot. We take things into account such as tier bonuses, general gearing up strat etc. The decision is based on what is beneficial for the team as a whole – and not an individual person.
  • If there is any dispute regarding loot, it will be handled AFTER the raid with the council members.


  • All prospective raiders can apply to the guild via the application on the guild website.
  • Following the application, an officer will contact you shortly – usually with questions about your application.
  • If the application goes well thus far, a mumble interview is required with the council members, raid lead and possibly other core raiders. We will make our decision regarding the application shortly after.
  • Once accepted into the guild, new raiders are put on a 4 week trial period before they can be a full raider with the team.


Character Information

  • 1. Character Name:
  • 2. Armory Link:
  • 3.  Class: Mainspec/Offspec:
  • About Yourself
  • Tell us about yourself, your age, your hobbies etc. What do you like to do outside of WoW?
  • What is your availability for raid times? (if raiding)
  • How did you hear of us?
  • Why are you interested in the Guild? What can we do for you, and what will you bring to the guild?


  • Summarise your raiding history. Include any raiding alts whose experience may be relevant.
  • Why are you leaving your current guild or the previous one?
  • Upload any relevant logs you have. If you have not raided recently, please upload a log from a flex or LFR run.
  • Please upload a screenshot of your UI during a raid (any raid will do – Flex/LFR it doesn’t matter).
  • What is the one addon you cannot raid without? (Do not include addons like DBM/Bigwigs).
  • How would you describe your raid awareness?


  • Battletag /where we can contact you regarding your application.
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know?

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