Transmog Fashion for the Gnome Priest


Going gnome has been an interesting experience for me thus far – beyond getting used to the height and how adorable she looks while casting Penance, gnomish fashion has been on my mind. Due to their short stature and squished look, certain sets look fantastic on a gnome while others look less than flattering. Here is a collection of outfits my priest, Lillynne, has in her wardrobe!

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Druid Outfits: My Tier Picks for Transmogrification


So transmogrification is on the horizon and there are quite a few reasons I’m excited for it. When I collected and saved Dungeon Set 2 and Tier 1, it was purely for RP reasons and I hadn’t even dreamed of being able to use them outside that context. The meeting of RP and raiding is fantastic for me – I mean, what could be cooler than killing baddies in metaphorical high heels as it were! The other part of transmogrification is ofcourse the ability to hide particularly unflattering sets. Many of the tier sets look fantastic but we always have the odd one that just looks….awful. While I hardly look at my character while raiding, I still like to avoid cringing while logging in! And now, instead of “Follow the tree!” its turned into “Follow the Cactus-head!” or something like that. Unacceptable. There is a reason I am Noggenfogger’s best customer this tier.

My choices for transmogrification have a mix of fashion as well as the stories that make them special to me. Without further ado, here is the list!

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By the Power of Fashion: Patch 4.3

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I’m going to try and stay still as I write this but I am so excited….oh SO excited. Blizzard recently announced that come Patch 4.3, we will have the ability to customise the look of our gear through this magical process known transmogrification! (Hello, Calvin (and Hobbes)…didn’t think your invention would be famous didja? XD ) In the words of the blue:

“Visiting a Transmogrifier will present players with a new interface that will allow them to change the appearance of an item while retaining its original stats. This means that you can raid in your paladin tier 12 Immolation set, but look like you’re wearing Lightbringer, while priests can bring Benediction back — at least in spirit. Hunters can once again roam the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale in their tier 2 Dragonstalker set. You could even slip into the saucy tailored Black Mageweave set for that matter. You know, with the thigh highs, and the little gloves, and the cute little… ahem.”

Furthermore, to indulge our gear collecting hobby, additional storage options are on the horizon. What does this mean for me? No more fashion-deprived tier anymore! Yay! Yes I’m looking at you tier 12, despite the fact that you may be obsolete by the time this comes out. This just made my day! ❤

Roleplaying Outfits: Robes as White as Snow

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I was flying around Winterspring the other day and there was something about the white snow, and the sparse colour that made it a rather pleasant and tranquil place to be. There is something about white in general that I’ve always liked – it gives off simplicity, elegance and a perhaps the lack of colour offers a pristine feel that a brightly coloured robe misses. Inspired by its simplicity, here is my collection of robes as white as snow.
The Mooncloth robe — almost completely white save for a few blue accents here and there. It’s an awesome robe and also happens to be the robe of Tyrande Whisperwind.

Roleplaying Outfits: Sets and Tier Gear

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There’s a certain special element about wearing a fully co-ordinated set while roleplaying. While leafy outfits and creative kilts look great, sets and tier gear have a completely different effect. They’re class specific and often named after great entities in lore, and they always have something unmistakably druidic about them. And they’re particularly fitting to wear if you’re on say scouting mission for Cenarion Circle, or representing the druids at an event etc.

On this fine morning of server maintenance, I will share the sets that I’ve collected as well as the sets I would’ve liked to get had I more bank space! (*hint *hint Blizzard!)

Cenarion Raiment

A set named after the demigod Cenarius himself! The highlights of this outfit are the leafy green shoulders and the unmistakable antler head-piece. I decided to get this set not just for roleplaying purposes, but also as my one complete set from vanilla WoW, as part of my pre-Cataclysm bucket list.

All the pieces can be found in Molten Core:

Cenarion Vestments: Golemagg 
Cenarion Spaulders: Baron Geddon
Cenarion Leggings: Magmadar
Cenarion Helm: Garr
Cenarion Boots: Lucifron
Cenarion Bracers: Trash Mobs (BoE)
Cenarion Belt: Trash Mobs (BoE)
Cenarion Gloves: Shazzrah

Here is a zoomed in version in the hope of capturing more of the details of this outfit. I love the little things here like the tiny leaves in the headpiece with the matching spaulders…not to mention the brown leaves on the gloves and bracers. Did I mention leaves yet?

Feralheart Raiment

Another set that ranks as one of my favourites. Its a little different from the Cenarion Raiment as it takes more nocturnal colours with a celestial theme. No leaves here but we have the moon, the stars and a lovely blue to match.

The Feralheart Raiment can be obtained by upgrading the Wildheart Raiment through a series of quests offered by Deliana. (For more information on this, see my previous Feralheart Raiment post).

A long time ago I began the upgrade quests but abandoned them shortly after, and did away with the gloves, bracers and belt of this set. I’ve never been a fan of GM tickets so I sought out decent replacement pieces as I completed my set.

Here is a closer look at the outfit in a different light as I walk through Ashenvale.

For the belt, I’m wearing Belt of the Raven Lord (from Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls). For the hands and wrists, I’m wearing Ceremonial Leather Gloves and Ceremonial Leather Bracers respectively. These seemingly ordinary pieces surprised me with how well they matched the set.

The sets below are the ones I don’t currently have but would dearly love to, sometime in the future. *Cough* bank space *cough* (The images below are courtesy of WoWhead).

Wildheart Raiment:

Also, known as Dungeon Set 1, the Wildheart Raiment is similar in design to the Feralheart Raiment. I love the colours in this outfit – the subdued blues and pinks work very well together and they provide for a good off-beat colour scheme. The pieces themselves are relatively easy to obtain:

Wildheart Vest: General Drakkisath (UBRS)
Wildheart Spaulders: Girzul (BRS)
Wildheart Kilt: Baron Rivendare (Stratholme)
Wildheart Gloves: The Unforgiven (Stratholme)
Wildheart Belt: Scholomance and BRS Trash mobs
Wildheart Boots: Mother Smolderweb (BRS)
Wildheart Bracers: Stratholme and Scholomance Trash Mobs
Wildheart Cowl: Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)

Conqueror’s Nightsong Garb/Regalia/Battlegear:

Another stunning set to have. The detail of the robe and shoulders just blow me away while the crescent moon headpiece is fantastic to mix and match with other outfits as well. These pieces are obtained by turning it tokens that drop from various bosses in Ulduar (25-man). Note that the head and chest pieces can be bought from the Leather Armor Vendor in Dalaran using Justice Points.

Shoulders: Yogg-Saron
Hands: Mimiron
Chest: Hodir or Justice Points
Head: Thorim or Justice Points
Leggings: Freya

Well thats it for today. There are many sets out there but these really sum up my favourites in terms of aesthetics (well what else do we look for anyways? =P ) I had a lot of fun putting together these outfits and can’t wait to see the new ones we’ll have in Cataclysm! As always, thanks for reading =)

Roleplaying Outfits: Kilts and Sarongs

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If there was ever a niche in outfits, I’d say Kilts and Sarongs would be it for my druidic side. I love robes and I still swoon over tier sets…but the sheer creativity in putting together a perfect outfit from seemingly unrelated parts is a whole different canvas. I suppose it began on my numerous trips to Zul’ Gurub – one of the most beautiful areas in the game. While my warrior partner in crime hoped for the Zulian Tiger mount among other things, I was starry eyed over the Bloodtinged Kilt and Will of Arlokk that we chanced upon. Days followed, and one bored evening I found myself in Shattrath browsing the vendors when it suddenly hit me that Justice points could now easily be used to buy some very cool looking kilts. Once I had a kilt, it was almost like solving a puzzle to find the perfect matching tunic and weapon. Do I sound obssessed yet? I should, for I began thinking about these while sipping coffee and writing my Kanji.

I’ve put together here a few of my favourite completed outfits. The sunny beaches of Stranglethorn Vale and the lush city of Zul’ Gurub serve as my photographic inspiration for this project.

 An outfit marked by a deep green with touches of red and brown. The chest is Shroud of Nature’s Harmony with matching Oakleaf-spun Handguards. The kilt is a northrend Giant-friend Kilt and requires revered reputation with Sons of Hodir. The weapon, Will of Arlokk, is from Zul’Gurub’s High Priestess Arlokk. In particular, the detail of the vest ranks this outfit as one of my favourites

The Story of my Feralheart Raiment


Many moons ago, there was a young druid who wandered the forests of Ashenvale in a quest for adventure. She was young and curious about the world and so she travelled far beyond her home in Kalimdor helping folks wherever she could.

One fine day, her adventures took her to the dwarven city of Ironforge where a woman by the name of Deliana had an interesting proposition for her. If the druid were to provide her with certain items of Wildheart and a few extras, she would exchange those for superior Feralheart items. Now the druid was starry eyed for she had never seen purple items before. She did as Deliana asked of her and obtained her items, but Deliana’s requests seemed to grow in price, time and effort! Considering this a waste of her time, she avoided Ironforge for a while.

In time, she discovered the Outland and while looking through her inventory, couldn’t see why one would keep hard-to-obtain armour such as those Feralheart things, when the Outland had so much better! Now, despite her adventures, our druid was rather naiive — she did not know of dungeons and raids, and she had not discovered the druidic power of healing! In her innocence, she did away with the items, and continued on her merry journey.

Leaping to present day, our druid is much more grown up and she has chosen to finish Deliana’s requests she abandoned so long ago. Why you ask? Simple really…they looked like the vestments of the moon itself! So pretty and nocturnal amidst the stars — really seemed like something worth having for a druid.

I speak of the Feralheart Raiment — also known as Dungeon Set 2. I don’t know whether this set will be available after Cataclysm given that blue posts mentioned revamping quests and thus rewards, as well as getting rid of class-specific quests. So, I embarked on the journey to obtain this set. After going through, what I consider a feat of strength (they really should make completing these quests an achievement), I feel obligated to share what I’ve learned with my fellow druids in the hope of making their experience…*searches for the right word*….smoother than mine =)

The Feralheart Raiment is obtained by upgrading the Wildheart Raiment through a long series of quests involving much travel, gold and time. The Wildheart pieces drop in Stratholme, Scholomance and Blackrock Spire.

Head: Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
Chest: General Drakkisath (Blackrock Spire)
Spaulders: Gizrul the Slavener (Blackrock Spire)
Kilt: Baron Rivendare (Stratholme)
Feet: Mother Smolderweb (Blackrock Spire)
Hands: The Unforgiven (Stratholme)
Wrists: Stratholme and Blackrock Spire (random drop)
Waist: Stratholme and Scholomance (random drop)

In short, Feralheart Raiment = Wildheart Raiment + Deliana’s quests.

Here are my lessons learned, fellow druids. May they help you on your journey, and lighten the burden of this challenging quest.

  • The Wildheart Bracers, Gloves and Belt are all BoE – so keep an eye on the auction house for those to save you farming for them.
  • Having the Direbrew Remote, the Shadowforge Key, Crescent Key and Key to the City is almost a requirement – you will be sent to these instances numerous times for quests and to farm off the remaining Wildheart pieces needed for turn ins. Having these will cut down your dungeon time significantly.
  • Use your professions to help you cut down travel time as far as possible (such as Inscription and Engineering). If you have a mage friend who would accompany you, all the better.
  • Start collecting the items you need early on – WoWWiki has a great list of the quests and the items you need for them. Some of them are rather hard to find since Old World is now long forgotten – such as Mooncloth, Enchanted Leather, Dark Iron Bar and Stonescale Oil.
  • In particular, look out for Flask of Supreme Power and Scroll: Create Signet of Beckoning: Fire on the auction house. The first is needed as part of a quest turn in. The scroll is to save you having to farm out endless Twilight Trappings in order to have a chance of summoning the Duke of Cynders. You will need the Duke of Cynders as part of the quest Three Kings of Flame. This is often the most frustrating and challenging part of the questline, and keeping an eye out for scrolls early on can make a huge difference.
  • Some of the quests and items needed have a reputation pre-requisite such as honoured with Argent Dawn and friendly with Cenarion Hold. Do not worry about these for the moment – you will automatically get reputation while farming dungeons and in the case of Cenarion, farming for items. I ended up hitting exalted with the Argent Dawn simply while farming for my Wildheart Kilt and collecting scourgestones on the way. Friendly with Cenarion Hold is irrelevant now since they recently changed the starting reputation to be friendly for druids. Although I have heard stories of folks hitting exalted with Cenarion Hold while farming Twilight Trappings to summon the Duke!
All in all, they’re rather fun to do. You get to commune with ghosts, traverse the molten depths of the Spire, and even challenge the odd hero! They may be long, tedious and downright frustrating, but the reward at the end makes it worth it.
You’re probably wondering what happened to that innocent druid who did away with her Feralheart Gloves, Belt and Bracers early on. Indeed our druid  wished she could have those items back, but doubted that even the Masters of Warcraft could erase actions from history. Perhaps she should have a word with the Keepers of Time? Unfortunately, the end of that story will be revealed another time when we take a look at Sets and Tier pieces. Until we meet again!

Leafy Outfits for Roleplaying Druids

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The last few weeks have seen some welcome down time before Cataclysm’s release. Loremaster? Check. Feralhaeart Raiment? Check (note to self: never doing that questline ever again!). Well, what now? Time to sport some lovely druid outfits and roleplay ofcourse  =) Just a quick fyi, I’ve decided to post about Sets, Kilts and other great outfits separately, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something simple yet unmistakably druidic and night elven in feel, I’m sure you’ll find something here. Well, let’s walk the path of nature in style then shall we?

Easily one of the most green and leafy outfits I’ve put together. I did my best to give you a bit of contrast there but you have to admit, I’m real close to being mistaken for a tree!
ChestYmirjar Physician’s Robe, a BoE robe that drops in northrend heroic dungeons and it frequents the auction house at reasonable prices. Its refreshing green colour and its earthy look had me sold.
ShouldersCenarion Spaulders drop from Baron Geddon in Molten Core and are part of the Tier 1 set for druids. They’re very versatile and have druidic awesomeness written all over.
Helm: Cenarion Helm which drops from Garr in Molten Core. Alternatively, you could get its look-alike, Crown of the Forest Lord,  from the Swamp Lord in heroic Underbog.
Wrists: Drakewing Bands, another BoE from the auction house.
Staff:The famous Draenic Wildstaff which has wonderful animations of sprouting flowers and mushrooms. It drops from the Avatar of the Martyed in heroic Auchenai Crypts.

I have to admit, I rarely wear yellow – but this robe is the one exception. It’s a little off-beat for us elves since we’re usually seen in much darker, nocturnal colours, but the touch of green leaves and the various shades of ochre make for a lovely change of pace while still keeping the close-to-nature, earthy feel.

Chest: Willow’s Robe – a BoE that drops from various rare spawns in the level 15- 20 areas.
I chose to skip out on the shoulders for this outfit, but if you’d like to add some, Cenarion Spaulders would add nicely.
Staff: Staff of Trickery, an earthy wooden staff that drops from Cyanigosa in heroic Violet Hold. It has a lovely paw print and a faint green glow. (Promise to do it better justice in the screenshot – keep an eye for the post on staves).

Interestingly enough, this outfit gave me the most trouble. It has some great nocturnal colours and the pink and dark blue combination always looks great, but I did worry a little bit about the cleavage. After hours of fruitless searching for an appropriate shirt, I think it’s better off just the way it is. What is the robe you say?

Chest: Sleeping Robes, obtained from the Druid of the Claw questline. I kept these for the name and the history of the quest. Don’t worry if you don’t have these or happened to vendor them way back when you were level 10. Consortium Robes and Solstice Robes both look exactly the same and are easily obtainable via the almighty auction house.
Staff: Swarming Sting-Staff of the Beast – I got this as a random drop while doing some of the elite quests in Blade’s Edge. The colours match the robe really well, and the claw adds a feral feel to the outfit.

And last but not least, we have the druid starter robe. Indeed, do not discount this outfit for its simplicity – its a great alternative if you want a green earthy feel but didn’t want the brightness of the Ymirjar Physician’s Robe. This outfit can easily be spruced up with the Cenarion Helm and/or Cenarion Spaulders.

Chest: Novice’s Robe has lovely greens and browns – perfect for a walk in the forest or if you’re just taking a trip down memory lane.
Staff: Handcrafted Staff – a simple design that’s perfect if you’re looking to leave your fancy gear and other material belongings behind, and begin your journey into the spiritual.

This is it for this post, but be sure to check back later for more on Kilts, Dungeon Sets and Tier pieces. Thanks for browsing these outfits and I hope they’ve inspired some of your own. =)