Jaina’s War


Every great war has a history that reveals how it truly came to blows. A spark, a match, years of suffering….and Jaina’s Proudmoore’s war is no different.

In this incredibly powerful animated short, the artists have outdone themselves in showing the true Jaina Proudmoore and everything that has culminated to her final warning “Beware of….me.”

One cannot understand Jaina’s state of mind until we go back to the turning point that broke her world apart – the fall of Theramore.

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Goodbye Cataclysm…


Cataclysm is drawing to a close with Mists of Pandaria approaching on the horizon. I’ve ranted about all sorts of things this expansion, considered quitting more times than I can count and possibly never forgave the devs for destroying Auberdine.

Despite all of that, there are moments of beauty even in the destruction-wrought Cataclysm and that will be my nod to what was for me, a very conflicting expansion. Here’s a glimpse of my favourite landscape of this world.

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I’ve included links to the actual images below – enjoy! 🙂

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Zul’Gurub Vistas


I never really began to appreciate being able to fly in Azeroth until I accidentally flew over Zul’Gurub the other day. I have fond memories of running this before the Shattering in the hope of nabbing the Zulian Tiger mount, but never realise how different the landscape looks from the air.

The explosion of colour with lush greenery, troll architecture and beautiful waterfalls are very inspiring. And perhaps with all the destruction around lately, it’s nice to see a corner of Azerothian beauty.

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