Haiku for the Vale

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Black and white, shadowed with death

Come for you we will,

For our Vale you did destroy


Tribute to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms


Here’s a pictorial tribute to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, one of the most beautiful areas of Pandaria. Sadly, this Vale will soon turn into the Vale of Eternal Sorrows with Garrosh Hellscream’s thirst for power. This for me, is something to remember the awesome scenery that will soon be lost.

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Goodbye Cataclysm…


Cataclysm is drawing to a close with Mists of Pandaria approaching on the horizon. I’ve ranted about all sorts of things this expansion, considered quitting more times than I can count and possibly never forgave the devs for destroying Auberdine.

Despite all of that, there are moments of beauty even in the destruction-wrought Cataclysm and that will be my nod to what was for me, a very conflicting expansion. Here’s a glimpse of my favourite landscape of this world.

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I’ve included links to the actual images below – enjoy! 🙂

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Zul’Gurub Vistas


I never really began to appreciate being able to fly in Azeroth until I accidentally flew over Zul’Gurub the other day. I have fond memories of running this before the Shattering in the hope of nabbing the Zulian Tiger mount, but never realise how different the landscape looks from the air.

The explosion of colour with lush greenery, troll architecture and beautiful waterfalls are very inspiring. And perhaps with all the destruction around lately, it’s nice to see a corner of Azerothian beauty.

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Moments of Hyjal

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This is another one of those days where I decided to fly around Azeroth and look at the sights. As a druid, Hyjal is always a special place of lore for me. I went around with my “camera” at the crack of dawn, and it surprised me with some truly breathtaking views.

Morning slowly creeps through the trees and mountainous terrain of Hyjal.

Streams of sparkling water flow through the war-torn land.
Sanctuary of Malorne.
Roots of Nordrassil.
Sulfuron Spire, the fortress of Ragnaros. “Taste the Flames of Sulfuron!”
Guardians of Hyjal.

A Peek at My Cleric

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So I’ve hit the point where I’ve been mostly twiddling my thumbs in WoW outside of the usual raids. I decided to see what Rift was like and rolled up a healing cleric to have some fun on the side. It’s a blast so far although I must admit, with the stunning landscapes I’ve been taking more screenshots than completing quests. I really like the one I took today and couldn’t resist sharing. I recommend viewing the image in its full size =)  Here’s a sneak peek at my cleric!