Mage Tower Notes: Resto Druid Style


So I finally got interested in the Mage Tower in the last two months. I know I know…late to the party. But in my defence, I didn’t even know about it until then. When I heard the appearances were going away, the resto druid one was the only one I was super excited. (Yes I already got the Discipline one but I wasn’t even excited about it. The whole thing was very meh).

If you’ve been following my rants on twitter, then you know that I have yet to be successful this time around. But I did make progress and make it consistently to the last two phases! There’s hope.

Regardless, I decided to write down my notes and thoughts for next time’s attempts and will update when I do actually finish the challenge. 🙂 And yes, I am considering maining a druid for BfA – but that’s a different post.

Stage 1: (The crazy one with the waves of adds) 

  • Always use Typhoon to interrupt the mage.
  • Use Tranquility in the second to last phase during knife dance (the thing those annoying guys do before they focus you the big eyes)
  • Use Incarnation in the final wave to beat them all to oblivion. Stay near Jared so you can hide behind him to avoid the mana sting.

Stage 2: 

  • Drink for mana before walking to allies.

Stage 3: (Saving your allies)

  • Sunfire and Moonfire adds. Make sure too many of them don’t explode at the same time.
  • Keep HoTs up on yourself and Swiftmend/Regrowth between the DPS.
  • Sunfire the Felguard and Bats. HoT self up. Bear form, thrash, win.
  • Once at the door, pop Essence of G’hanir and heal up the three damaged souls. HoT each of them up – do not go one by one because if they die, they turn into an additional add that you have to kill.
  • Dispel the feared one with Nature’s Cure!
  • Engage the mana-sting archer once all are healed. DoT with Sunfire and Moonfire.
  • Use Ursol’s Vortex right after DoTing them up – it will interrupt their attempt at a mana sting. DPS DPS DPS.
  • Hide behind the first damaged to the super right for the second mana sting.

(If you’re super on top of it, you can kill them before the second mana sting happens!)

  • Same as the previous group, DoT up eyes, HoT self.
  • Bear form, thrash and win. Use Frenzied Regeneration and/or Iron hide + Barkskin if you need.

Stage 4: 

  • Rest, mana up if needed.

Stage 5: (Healing 8 souls while keeping your friends alive)

  • Keep efflorescence on the party.
  • Keep lifebloom on Callie first, then Granny as Jared beats on em in that order.
  • First wave, pop Incarnation(+ optional Innervate) and lolregrowth all three spirits. Goal is to save ALL THREE.
  • Second wave: Incarnation is still up for the first few seconds. Cast Wildgrowth on self. Focus on two to heal up. The third one is last priority.
  •  Third wave: Cast wildgrowth on self so it hits souls. Tranquility – should heal all three.

Most important – you want to avoid having a fourth wave.

Stage 6: (Fight the ones you didn’t heal)

  • Quick mana up before they rez.
  • Kill the mob that spawn using the same strats as the first stage. If you missed more than two, this phase is very tough as there is a lot of damage going out. So dont miss more than two!

Stage 7: (Edris the poopy)

  • Lower health by standing in pools before Ignite Soul goes off. Ideally, just stay at 50% health the entire fight.
  • HoT Jared to high heavens.
  • Turn to bear when Edris jumps onto you, and get out of pools ASAP unless you need to lower your health.
  • Stack pools as close together as possible.
  • Use Incarnation when it’s up to help with healing. Remember HoT up your entire party and keep the minimum on yourself.

Great resources:

Questionably epic: Artifact Challenge

The Daily Frostwolf Mage Tower Guide by Navimie

Druid Mage Tower Guide by Alunaria

Wowhead’s Resto Druid Mage Tower Guide

Video guide by Torty (which honestly puts me to shame)



3 thoughts on “Mage Tower Notes: Resto Druid Style

  1. Thanks for reading and linking your guide. Will update my post with a link to it.

    Any druid who has done this challenge already is my hero! I’m still struggling on the last two phases (healing the souls and then dealing with Edris). And I agree, this is one of the hardest things I’ve attempted in WoW. I can think of mythic raid bosses that were easier than this lol.

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