The New Discipline Priest: 7.2.5


Having been away for a while, my once familiar class and spec have put me squarely in the relearning phase. After reading Mend’s guide (fantastic by the way) and running Proving Grounds endlessly, here are my healing notes for what Discipline priests look like – in a short, visual, tl;dr type of version.

General Idea:

  • Mitigate damage through shields, and heal folks through Atonement which allows your damage done to translate to healing on people who have the buff.
  • To put out lots of atonement buffs on the raid.
  • Have your damage heal the raid through atonement.
  • Use absorption shields to mitigate damage: Power Word: Shield more often, Barrier as a raid cooldown.

Ultimate Goal:

  • Balance between having lots of atonements out for burst healing phases, and less for low damage phases.
  • No matter what keep a minimum of three atonements out on folks to benefit from the scaled healing received from an offensive Penance.
  • Bask in the awesomeness and receive cookies of happiness from all.

Bread and Butter:

  • Use Power Word: Shield on cooldown.
  • Use offensive Penance on cooldown.
  • Always have a DoT ticking on the target – preferably Purge of the Wicked as the talent.
  • Use Shadow Mend for big heals on a single target.
  • Use Power Word: Radiance to spread out Atonements to prepare for a high damage/burst healing phase.
  • Use Plea as a filler to spread around Atonements when there’s a breather, or if your other atonement options are on cooldown.

Burst Healing: (Couple options here)

Basic idea is to:

  • Spread out atonements in advance.
  • Use a high damage spell in conjunction with a talent or cooldown.

Like so:

Now add talents and cooldowns to this:

Power Word: Radiance + Light’s Wrath –> Evangelism to prolonge atonement –>  Smite = big heals

Rapture –> Power Word: Shield blanket –> Smite/Penance (or any of the other bigger cooldowns if they are needed and available)

Rapture + Power Word: Shield blanket = lots of mana back if you have Shield Discipline talented.

Now all that’s left is to execute this. Ha! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The New Discipline Priest: 7.2.5

  1. What an awesome idea, entering Proving Grounds to practice!

    I did the same thing 🙂 It is sooo helpful; I find that it really helps you adapt to each situation as quickly and as efficient as possible.

    How do you like the changes to Disc? 🙂

    • I love Proving Grounds. No pressure safe space to figure things out at your own pace.

      I like the changes to Disc but sheesh, it’s taking some serious rewiring to get used to it. Perhaps my only complaint would be that Disc is very unforgiving on learning fights simply because there are going to me more oopses and mistakes. In holy, there’s a quick way to patch it and get back to where you were. Whereas in Disc, if you missed that prep or had Radiance on cooldown, HA you’re done.

      I like the challenge though so I’ll keep trying. I’m convinced that it’s me and not the spec. If Mend can do it, so can I!! Or so I hope…. /gnomepowah

      • Oh right, that makes sense, I seem to recall that experience myself too, back when Atonement became a “thing”.

        Hah, I am sure you will be able to! I imagine it will be hard to learn but easy to master, once you get there.

    • It’s definitely more engaging and rewarding – but by that token also more challenging to get used to. I know some folks just prefer Holy because they can achieve the same amount of healing with the usual reactionary style we’re already used to and don’t have to think too much about. But I have to say – Disc is FUN in a way that no other spec is!

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