A Touch of Magic

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I have to tear myself away from questing to write this. Legion’s story has brought with it a touch of magic that is all too familiar to us story lovers. It is engaging, fun, and has that I-can’t-put-this-game-down feeling that I’ve sorely missed in WoW in the last two years. And so I return to my beloved game with a big grin…and perhaps some magic of my own, quite literally.

For this expansion, in consideration of my sore wrists and their effect on piano playing…I am putting aside my healing shoes for a moment to step into the realm of magic.

I’ve always wanted to main a mage when Dalaran was relevant because I simply love the immersion and story that comes along with it. And when I began leveling my mage, it just felt right.


I am a gnome. I am a mage. Hear me roar!


The class halls are simply amazing…atleast the mage and druid ones are. They are the only ones I’ve seen thus far. And I thoroughly enjoyed returning to older zones (and even older characters sometimes) to find my artifact weapon.

I’ve been thrown head first into some really powerful and engaging storylines. The kind that make you furious at the end and have you reaching for tissues at the same time. Well done, Blizzard. Well done.

Perhaps the best part is that there are multiple stories going on. And it is awesome. It’s not linear, so you can pick and choose what you want to focus on. You have Class campaigns, Artifact stuff, Reputations, general quests and, my all time favourite, profession quests!


Scribe stuff

The journey to level cap didn’t feel remotely like a grind. I mean, not even at the very end. I took my time, enjoyed the path and met quite a few interesting folks along the way. Addie Fizzlebog, an aspiring gnome hunter, is probably my favourite.

The voice acting is top notch too – the characters really come alive. Addie gasped when we killed an exceptionally difficult moose (an elite mob no less) and suggested we take a S.E.L.F.I.E!


That’s one dead moose.

And finally, here I am at level 110. Enjoying every moment of my new journey as a mage.



This is exciting. I’ve never mained a damage dealing class before but I can tell this will be fun!

I took to the art of face melting as a mage so quickly that I wondered if I had been playing the wrong class all these years, haha! And here I am with my beloved gnome mage, Frosting Icesprocket, whose formal introduction and story will be posted soon.


It ain’t easy bein’ so cool.

Gnome powah!

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