Black Ash Robe


Caution: Mild Spoilers for the Alliance Broken Shore scenario – I don’t spell it out but the spoiler is implied. 

The events of the Broken Shore were hard hitting to say the least. And while I was a crumpled ball of feels for the most part, the real sense of loss came differently when I logged into my human mage – my only human character. In light of everything, my character felt the need to express her loss and mourning in her outfit.

Thus we have an outfit built around Black Ash Robe – a stately yet subdued, dignified robe that my mage adorns for respect for her king.


Where to get the set:

Chest: Black Ash Robe (Firemaw, Blackwing Lair).

Shoulders: Faerie Mantle (Obtained from the quest “The Branch of Cenarius” in Ashenvale).

Waist: Brantwood Sash/Akama’s Sash (The Brantwood Sash is no longer available – so Akama’s Sash is your best bet. It is a quest reward from the quest “” in Shadowmoon Valley (Burning Crusade)).

Hands: Fel-Infused Grips (Pre-launch Legion Invasion events).

Feet: Veteran’s Mooncloth Slippers (PvP vendor, Area 52 Netherstorm).

Sword: Replica Lion’s Fang (WoW movie premiere promotion event)

Off-hand: Lantern of Enchanted Flame (Obtained from the quest “Valduran the Stormborn“, Storm Peaks).

Head: (hidden)


A sword for vengeance, and a lantern for hope. I wanted to have a weapon that was a nod to the Alliance and there was no better sword than the Lion’s Fang. I love the detail and golden lion at the hilt.


Watch out Gul’dan! I’m coming for you…and yes, you should be very afraid.

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