The Floating City


Once you’ve completed the Broken Shore scenario, might I suggest a trip to Karazhan. What you see floating above it is totally worth it! Join me for a journey around New Dalaran.

Dalaran will be the new hub in Legion (which is just two weeks away!) and we get a sneak peek into the city during this time of transition. It’s a fun time to visit because we’ve never really got to see Dalaran in the midst of moving before.


A familiar face in New Dalaran!

Moving ofcourse, comes with its share of troubles…. like this poor gnome who got caught in the teleportation! Good thing he has a recovery agent on the job….I think!


A gnome in trouble….!

The job of recovery agents isn’t easy looks like. But hey, atleast we know where his legs are…


O dear…

In the meantime, citizens are dealing with the move the best they can. Some are typically grumpy … like Lucian Trias.


“Where’s my cheese??!!”

And others just take the move in their stride. Lucian’s anxiety seems fairly routine to Fialla.


“Everything’s fine!”

And every so often you’ll see a flying gnome. Yep. That was Jepetto Joybuzz who I’m sure wanted to take his latest toy out for a ride but instead is getting taken for one.


“Coming through!”

And ofcourse, the city has changed since we last spent time in it in Northrend. There are some wonderful updates – most notably the city square, the shops and the general details about the place that make it seem downright spiffy. We have some famous art right here:


Do I spy Sunflowers and Water Lillies?

But my favourites are ofcourse:


I’ll take them both!

I ended my journey with a lovely pint and a snack in the Beer Garden. And it was really awesome to see so many gnomes in the city!



Can’t wait till Dalaran is all set up – it will be a blast!


2 thoughts on “The Floating City

  1. I checked out all the shops after the scenario – I didn’t see any NPCs around but I sure noticed the paintings! Dalaran looks shiny, new and a lot more colorful. Going to be a blast!

    • Oh interesting – I wonder if it has to do with the new questline they introduced the other day with Khadgar that takes you to the city. That’s too bad about the NPCs but I’m glad you got to take a look! Lovely shiny Dalaran!

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